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Lovecraft Country as a Werewolf Story (Some Spoilers)

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  • Lovecraft Country as a Werewolf Story (Some Spoilers)

    Another TV show which lends itself well to the Chronicles of Darkness is Lovecraft Country. One thing that struck me watching episode 3, Holy Ghost, is that it fits the bill for a Bone Shadow hunt. There is a scene where the characters need to enter a house and get rid of a hostile Spirit (or ghost), and need to perform the proper rituals in order to banish the spirit. There is also a part where one gets urged or claimed by said spirit and becomes a menace to the rest of the pack. This highlights the complexities of the werewolf hunt as one must be careful when a spirit possesses one of your packmates (and, I am sure that werewolves can be possessed just like anyone else). Another episode shows some cultists trying to create a barrier to another world which could very well be the Hisil and reminds me of the cult in Tokyo, which is effectively nameless, which wants to break into the spirit world and barter and create alliances with the spirit world. It illustrates nicely that not every problem can be solved by Tooth and Claw and that investigation is extremely important, rather than exploding into Kuruth when faced by an unseen spiritual danger.

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    Sorry, this should be in the Werewolf the Forsaken Thread