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    So werewolf doesn’t go into how Pentex’s Special Projects Division and DNA manages their super science because in general Garou doesn’t know much about magic besides the occasional Theurge, Uktena or even Glasswalker. It’s interesting because the Glasswalkers were big on Alchemy around the renaissance and I wish we got more on them working Enlightened Science (numina).

    They just have it huh there are Cyborgs and Androids available to high tech companies, DNA works on super genetics tech, and SPD creates demon spawned mutant humans.

    What is your head canon on how this all works, to simplify the books assume some abstract ruleless science/rituals are used but they are distant scientist and not warriors so don’t worry about it. My reckoning is SPD well obviously has Syndicate Mages as the backbone, I go with the revised ideas that linear Sorcerers and Scientists are members of the Traditions and Conventions and our number the Awakened by 3-5 or more, maybe 10 for Scientists with minimal training. But with the nature of Pentex their Science has a lot of Infernal Cheats and through Pentex they incorporate a lot of mystic and science Nephandi Orphans and even odd Vampire and other infernalists in the various departments as they let the different divisions use various unique resources.

    And DNA for me is mostly human cutting edge but they are oddly inspired by the higher realms as the weavers pull the strings and many scientists don’t realize they have developed Science Numina and Orphan Scientists. And even the unknowing Drones.

    How do you picture in your headcanon how things get done? And how aware they are?

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    DNA was originally just mundane, but sophisticated human hunters of werewolves whose big budget science allowed them to buy or develop expensive weapons and other technology beyond that of ordinary hunters because the potential scientific payoff was huge. By the first Storyteller's Handbook, this was augmented that the Technocracy (Progenitors) was secretly supplying some of their low end tech (which was beyond normal science to DNA) like kirilian aura helmets to track Garou in the Umbra. It wasn't until relatively late in Book of the Weaver that DNA suddenly became a Weaver influenced organization with actual supertech.

    I prefer the original version of DNA. They're fairly reality based, but with some bleeding edge tech of their own design. Plus some secret support from the Technocracy on "dimensional" technology (to deal with problems related to Garou in the umbra), which in the WoD probably has some legitimate theoretical (and perhaps even some minor experimental) physics behind it as a result of their work with sleepers. So it's not TOO outre for a company like DNA to have. It's less that its a surprise this technology or science exists, but more why would DNA have any of this?

    As for PENTEX, I use a very different version of PENTEX than what is in the books. It's more inspired on Carpenter's They Live than the WoD version. It's a conspiracy rather than a holding company. There are various companies they control outright (certain banks, security companies, engineering firms, and other companies that provide them assets they can directly control when needed), but most of it is secret influence within legitimate companies. (The conspiracy also worked with the Communists to do the same, but adjusted to fit the politics of those societies). The conspiracy is lead by Deep Umbral invaders who seek anti-terraformation of the Earth, and they brought with them all sorts of weird science incomprehensible to mankind. But its science and technology like how the Fungi from Yuggoth might have in Call of Cthulhu or Delta Green.

    Garou and humans have no idea how any of this alien tech works - its incomprehensible to them. This technology is less obvious (nothing like cyborgs, androids, or other conspicuous advanced science stuff you might expect in near future sci-fi like Robocop), but more dangerous. Its umbral entities in computers acting like A.I.s, particle beam weapons that look like inert steel cylinders that only work if you're a special kind of fomori, cloaking devices that work the same way as the Delerium, portable "teleporters" that act as Wyrmholes, and other things that are easily disguised and can be potentially explained by the Garou in their own paradigm albeit with mysterious, unknown spirits. Certain humans and fomori get to use these things, but they don't manufacture them (though some low ranking members of the conspiracy may be told they are using rejected or low-level DARPA project cast-offs.) Their presence here is entirely due to the deep umbral entities who control the conspiracy.