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The day the laughter died

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  • The day the laughter died

    The Ragabash Rank 1 Gift, Infectious Laughter, how does that effect mortals and Vampires and Formori? Or can it even effect those, if they don't have Rage? During a session, the Ragabash for the game had a Formori attack him and he used Infectious Laughter, wanting to get the Formor to stop and give him a chance to get withing melee range.

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    Well, I don't know if the gift is supposed to work in such situations.

    I mean the gift is used if ire is the cause of violence, if people are upset. But, a fomori attacking out of fear (for his survival, if garou are there), mad desire to kill, hunger, or what ever other reason one would have to attack, that isn't based out of anger, the gift wouldn't work.

    Also, the Ragabash himself is present and his rage score is also to be considered as a score present at the scene, as well as his packmates. So, unless the gift is used be a lone Nuwisha (who are allowed to use Ragabash gifts), there is usually at least on person with a Rage score present.
    The effect itself isn't tied to rage, but to the ability to laugh. Some Banes should be immune as well as beings without emotion...

    Using the gift to get an tactical advantage seems like misappropriating the Gift. "Laughter is the tool with which Gaia’s tricksters promote enlightenment" not the tool by which they close 15ft. to rip out your throat. I might allow it, but would repeated usage reflect negatively on Wisdom renown, as well as attitudes of NPC Ragabash and spirits towards that garou. And if the Ragabash doesn't stop, it goes on up until the point, when he needs the laughter to actually make allies who are angry at him not attack him (in a frenzy or otherwise) and then let a Nuwisha "Sush!" him, so he can't initiate the Laughter gift.
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      The Gift says to use the highest Rage of anyone listening. Since the Ragabash herself must have Rage, I'd use that as the difficulty for most cases. I'd be willing to assign a "Rage" equivalent to another supernatural creature if I believe there is something in their nature that might fit. Fomori are bane possessed mortals, and Banes - like all spirits - have Rage. That'd probably default to 3 or 6 or even more depending on the type of Bane. For other supernatural creatures like vampires, I might look at some other stat - like whatever their difficulty is for a Frenzy roll.

      The important thing is to consider what is appropriate and move on quickly. If you regret your decision, it was just one scene and you can adjust for the next time.

      Having said that. the Gift is obviously supposed to be use for defusing a situation before it spirals into violence. The W20 description clearly states that should people remember the issue that caused their ire the Gift caused them to forget, their temper would return. As a result, I would never let the Gift be used once the situation has already escalated into violence. And a fomori attacking a Garou is likely not a result of a particular subject causing them ire, but outright hostility to an enemy. That is not something that is overlooked in a "Hah, what you said was funny; now what were we talking about?" situation. It's probably a "you're the enemy, I must destroy you."