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    Originally posted by heinrich View Post
    What other means to discern between pre-change garou and kinfolk are there in W20?

    If there aren't any, what's the practical difference?

    Sure, only a person who was a garou but would be believed to be a kinfolk can have a first change. But any person believed to be a kinfolk could be such a person, so by that logic any kinfolk could become a garou, for only the ST knows who is secretly a garou and who isn't.
    They moved the test to work out if a person was a Kinfolk or pre-change Garou to a Talen. Test Vial. Page 384.


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      Originally posted by Up-to-Eleven View Post
      They moved the test to work out if a person was a Kinfolk or pre-change Garou to a Talen. Test Vial. Page 384.
      Thanks for the info.
      But, just like the "Baptism of fire" Rite, which still mentions "Scent of the true form" as a means to determine the difference, I have to believe the "Test Vial" Talen is copy and pasted from Kinfolk: Unsung Heroes (page 90).

      The Corebook states: Some tribes look at their Kinfolk as revered children, since they might Change at any time (it’s most common during puberty, but it’s not unknown for a Garou to experience the First Change during adulthood).

      I think that the W20 team, for some reason, decided that there was a need for a paradigm shift. Not sure what the reason was: focus on lost cubs, changing the kinfolk dynamic? I don't know.

      I also don't know who wrote what in the book, and who of the authors in the credits is there because of his/her texts being copy&pasted from revised core or other revised sources and who actually wrote new text passages. Or maybe the change wasn't discussed at all and who ever fact read the final version didn't realise this inconsistency. Also not sure if the changes to stepping sideways were discussed in the team...

      From my recollection, back in the day, V20 was a success but Atlanta-WW was seemingly mercy killed. Rich was asked to open his own shop, maybe softly pressured to. So, OPP was new, got the licenses and while still finding its bearing. W20 was the first big project. Sure, "V20 Companion" and "Children of the Revolution", were done in parallel. And when I got the first PDF of W20 I couldn't shake the feeling it was rushed and inconsistent and especially the new gifts and changes to setting and rules weren't really thought through. Without knowing how much he really did, I always attributed this to Stew Wilson, who took over from Ethan Skemp as lead developer.

      So, the Test Vial Talen is a nice find. But it is kinda copy&paste from an older book, like the "Baptism of fire". The wording is slightly different, but that happened probably to fit on the page better. No substantial change was made, not even changing the word "fetish" to "talen" within the description.

      Being, imo, mostly Copy&Paste is in my eye's the biggest weakness of W20.
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        Heinrich, I agree with you. There is a lot of text simply copied and pasted. It's not updated to reflect changes in rules, or integrated with additional rules, clarifications, and revisions added later in the same edition, much less properly edited into a new edition of the game. This isn't just an issue with W20. It affected a lot of WoD material historically.

        In my own chronicle, I use a House Rule that Scent of True Form can identify pre-Change Garou from kinfolk, but that three successes are needed. That allows the Gift to work, but sometimes leads to wrong results. (I also do not allow it to detect humans at 1 success, as simply knowing who isn't human is a lot of useful information.)


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          It would have been my suggestion to handle "Scent of the true form" this way, in regards to pre-Change Garou, if there was more of community collaboration. In the first days of OPP there was a lot of activity in the forum and there were complete drafts on google docs for fans to comment on. W20 Changing breeds in particular did well in this regards, I think.

          In our LARP we allow the gift to directly determine garou, even pre-change. There is also a slight chance that a kid from a garou/kin or garou/human couple would be a non-kinfok human (1%). That chance is a bit bigger in kids fro a kin/kin couple (3%). And since we require the gift user to have a gift-value (basically the dice pool) of 9 to determine kinfolk, these rare human kids are often mistaken for kinfolk.

          We don't allow the gift to identify humans, though. We go with the approach that if the gift user doesn't have the necessary skill to identify a scent, the gift user is stuck with believing the being he used the gift on is, what it appears to be.

          So, if used on a wolf, with only a gift value of 4, the user would identify a garou in lupus form automatically, but otherwise would think the wolf is just a wolf. Because the gift users skill could not separate wolf-kin (gift value 9), Protean-using vampire (gift value 5), shapeshifting Pooka (gift value 5), other fera using a animal mask fetish to turn into a wolf (gift value 7).

          Usually the gift is used on humanoids, though.
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            I think it's up to you whether you want the Fianna as grudging allies, domineering jerks telling the mage what to do, or distant and unhelpful. I'm assuming you don't want them attacking the character. Most Garou distrust humans with power, and rightly so considering what Mages and Sleepers have done to the Earth. Most will want a soldier instead of an independent-minded ally, but there will be exceptions who are more open-minded.

            These are the constants that won't change:
            1. Garou believe they're superior to humans.

            2. No Garou will ever allow any Mage in or even near a Caern. Not even the most trusting, open-minded, liberal werewolf wants the punishment they'll suffer if they let a Mage get near a Caern. If your character already knew the location of a Caern from before their Awakening, they will be watched. Even if your character swears they won't drain the Caern, they won't be the exception to the centuries-old rule.

            3. Some individuals in the local Garou community will probably despise your Mage no matter how well he behaves. Others may want to mate him because, as a Mage, he's closer to an equal than most Kinfolk spouses can be.

            4. Werewolves have too many enemies to fight them all, so they make priorities. Technocrats and Nephandi and Pentex are higher priorities than Mystic Mages and Vampires. Unless they approach the Caern or threaten local wolves, then they jump to the top of the list. If your character stays away from the Caern, doesn't directly harm Gaia's interests, and doesn't share Garou secrets with other Mages, they won't be the top priority target for any Garou except Red Talons. But if the Fianna don't want your character killed, they probably won't mention him to any nearby Red Talons.

            Originally posted by heinrich View Post
            No more crying about all the kinfolk being wrongfully killed in dark ages witch hunts, if they were in fact witches.
            Well, it's more that if they were Mages or Sorcerers, they were less likely to be killed at all. But I'm sure Kinfolk who learn sorcery were always a minority. Regardless, murdering or torturing somebody because of their religion or inborn anything is absolutely wrong and no amount of moral relativism and "context" will make it OK. (Thankfully we don't live in a world with Fomorach and Revenants.)

            This thread might be useful to you, if you haven't already read it:
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            I am extremely literal-minded and always write very literally. If I don't say something explicitly, please never assume I implied it. The only exception is if I try to joke.
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              Originally posted by Erinys View Post
              Well, it's more that if they were Mages or Sorcerers, they were less likely to be killed at all.
              Totally depends. While a mage can do magick on the fly, he still needs successes to protect themselves against a mob. Sorcerers are even more vulnerable, for they need time to do most stuff.

              Originally posted by Erinys View Post
              But I'm sure Kinfolk who learn sorcery were always a minority. Regardless, murdering or torturing somebody because of their religion or inborn anything is absolutely wrong and no amount of moral relativism and "context" will make it OK.
              That is your opinion.
              I find it admirable and share it.

              However, I once read that the very idea of human life having a worth that is invaluable, is something that didn't form in the general population until the age of enlightenment. I can, when ST-ing a Dark Ages chronicle, entertain the idea that people more 'okay' with killing, especially, since death is around each corner. Each wound could get infected and kill you, easily. Sicknesses of all kinds would kill you, as well as possibly, child birth. With these way that life could end every moment and knowing people, relatives, neighbours, etc. who die senseless deaths, it is not that far fetched to get into that mindset.