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How will you use/ roleplay Myth Walking?

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  • How will you use/ roleplay Myth Walking?

     ● Myth Walking (Level Five) - Myth and dream walk among the Garou. This Gift, preserved by the Mokolé in the form of the Gift: Dream Semblance, enables the loyal descendants of the ancestor-heroes to return them to the world. It is taught by an ancestor-spirit, or by the Mokolé.

     System: The Garou spends two permanent Gnosis points and prays to the greatest hero of their breed, tribe, etc. The hero, if well pleased with the Garou's prayer, manifests in the Garou's own body. The Garou visibly transforms into the hero's own self, retaining her own personality mixed with the memories and attributes of the hero. Thus a Shadow Lord might manifest Ivan Tsarevitch, the Children of Gaia see the return of Lore-Speaker Gron, while the Get of Fenris transform into the great wolves of Norse myth. Only one Garou at a time may become any given hero, and this Gift can be invoked only once in a Garou's lifetime. Indeed, many who invoke it do not survive doing so. The powers of the hero are determined by the Storyteller, but should be suitable to the hero's legendary self. Shu-Horus, for example, would be a great warrior, but would have no knowledge of electronics.

    Source: Apocalypse (WW3999), Page 214
    This is a Gift in Apocalypse which can make you literally become the greatest heroes themselves. How will you use/ roleplay it?
    Obviously it is normally a End Time Gift, making top champions return to lead the Final Battle

    So how will the Garou react to it?

    How will you make the stats of reborn heroes?