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    Originally posted by Erinys View Post
    I thought that character was an Abomination, not a mere ghoul?
    On the other hand, a ghoul werewolf can threate to behead disobedient vampires during the day.
    I could remember it wrong. A werewolf ghoul could deal agg damage in crinos and have one auto potence success. Without proper training he would lack Gifts and other stuff that makes garou dangerous, but with Intimidate/Subterfuge he could very well establish himself as top dog among Neonates and most Ancillae, even in Europe. As long as nobody really tests his powers, pretending will get him a long way.

    Depending on the Rules abominitions are kind of weak. The permanent Harano comes with either increased difficulty or dice pool penalties (not sure). In any case it was something that made them mechanically weak in dice roll statistics, despite their potential for power...