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Your Auspice and how it fits your personality/traits

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  • Your Auspice and how it fits your personality/traits

    I was born under waxing gibbous Moon so that would make me Gaillard. I think I fit the stereotype: I am an optimist, sometimes even jester, a Storyteller (for WoD of course), sometimes a braggart. I've got a keen eye for details despite wearing glasses, I write lyrics for songs which are still unsung and I think I can negotiate pretty well (my sales records being the proof of that). And what about you?

    Warrior of the Rainbow
    Saint among the sinners
    Pure among the dirt
    Loser among winners

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    Full moon waning. I disagree... i am playfull and don't like starting fights in general.


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      I was born under a half moon, but I'm much more of a Cat, and a scholar/mystic.

      She/Her. I am very literal-minded and write very literally. If I don't say something explicitly, please never assume I implied it. The only exception is if I try to joke.
      My point of view may be different from yours but is equally valid.
      Exalted and cWoD book list. Exalted name-generators, Infernal and 1E-2.5E homebrew from many authors.