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How do you think the rank 6 representant of each fera would be?

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  • How do you think the rank 6 representant of each fera would be?

    We haven't seen many rank 6 at all, garou or fera, we can count them with the fingers. I would love to see examples of rank 6 fera NPCs, but since they mostly don't exist, what do you think they would be like? Im not talking about their gifts or fetishes, andm or about their history.

    What would take for each of the fera to be considered such a legend? What would be their deeds? Do you think there are changing breeds that never once got one of their own to the rank 6? Or that are unable to do now? I would love to see brief summaries of what you think each of the fera rank 6 could be.

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    She is beautiful, cunning and far more powerful than her demure, ‘submissive’ aura lets on. She’s a schemer on such a scale that 3rd World nations can live or die due to her machinations. She’s even fooled the Leeches of [Fill-in-the-Blank] she’s a powerful Kindred elder. Many Kindred suspect she’s an Assamite. If only they knew the truth...

    Black Tooth. (Canon NPC.)

    He sleeps for ages, coiled around the root of the Bodhi Tree in India, dreaming of Kali and Shiva. His kind wake him only when things have gone truly terribly wrong. He wakes, and a seismic change of some sort occurs among the servants of Gaia. No one knows who to blame. Accusations fly. But he returns to sleep, to dream anew of Kali and Shiva.

    It does not remember its youth pre-Change, and even most of its early adulthood has been forgotten. Ancient beyond human reckoning and driven by hunger, to see it in person is to die. Garou mistake it for Wyrmspawn, but it does not care what the wolves think. It has survived since the early Ice Age, and it intends to survive well past the Apocalypse.


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      I think Rank 6 is achieved whenever the accomplishments of that character reaches the point, that their social peers feel that character is more like a figure of legend than an actual person, or at least is in another category all together. This happens in real life too. Some kings and popes are accorded with the posthumous title of "the Great" or some other moniker ("Saint", "the Lion-Heart", "the Hammer", etc.) Sometimes even when they are alive. FDR and Churchill were accorded the respect and admiration that they were something more than political leaders, or even mere statesmen. This doesn't need to be universal, nor does it mean they can't be criticized. Famed generals are remembered for their particular exploits. There are problem many generals equally or even more skilled than Patton or Rommel in WWII, but these two are particularly well remembered and entered myth. Civilians in non-political spheres too become renowned. Einstein is still used to refer to bright people, or as a standard to be measured against. As is Edison and Tesla. Neil Armstrong will be forever remembered as the first person to step on the moon, and all the others who did so will be forgotten except by specialists even though they were just as equally skilled, and if fortune had been different they could have easily replaced Armstrong.

      So the criteria is what has the character done that has cemented their name and exploits in the minds of everyone else, and will be remembered by future generations. (I believe in many cases, Rank 6 is likely "achieved" only after they die and people understand the enormity of what they did. But certainly there are others whose exploits were acknowledged in their lifetime.

      Because all the Changing Breeds are story tellers heavily influenced by myth, I am sure all of them have had members reach Rank 6. Certainly their culture heroes from thousands of years in the past were Rank 6 - those who obtained the first Gifts from the spirits, or invented the rites, or performed whatever key tasks of legend. I think in more modern times, it has become harder for people to achieve that. The first person to do such-and-such thing may be remembered, but all the people who do it afterwards usually aren't. Some exploits can't be done again (perhaps because the Gauntlet has made such things impossible that were once possible when realm and spirit were one). So it becomes progressively harder to achieve.

      As such, there are potentially lots of things that could have been done. The first Rokea to circumnavigate the globe, perhaps on an epic quest. A Corax who reached and talked with the sun Incarna Hyperion in the Atherial Realm. Perhaps several Gurahl who successfully fought the Death Bear in order to return someone from death. A Kitsune or Nuwisha who were extremely successfully in fooling a powerful Wyrm creature that lead to his defeat who could not be destroyed by frontal assault. One of the Bastet who infiltrated Malfeas and brought back many of the "facts" now accepted by the Changing Breeds as being objectively true. The Ajaba and certain Bastet (Khan, Simba, Pumonca, but other combat types) likely have heroic combnat exploits equivalent to the greatest Garou heroes.


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        Bastet —- Ceilican
        Hauled away to Arcadia in chains during the Shattering, she survived the trials and labyrinths of the fae, and Mother Cat whispered to her from the Umbra. When the Resurgence came she fled her owners, retreating down the trods to the Waking World. There, she decided to hide in plain sight, each year imitating an entirely different changeling. The air around her warps and buckles under the strain of her impossible existence.

        Ancient horrors lurk in the deepest reaches of Earth and all three Umbrae, and the Crocodile God knows where they all are. His mastery of Mnesis and Gifts and Rites related to Mnesis is so powerful, so overwhelming, that he is sometimes only in this world by his skin. Memories from everywhere flitter in his head, not just that of the Mokole, and they cone unbidden. Some secrets threatened to drive him mad, but he had a will as shining as gold and so he endured, emerging triumphant.
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