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    There are a lot of unique rules concerning Plant spirits scattered throughout the sourcebooks. That makes them different than other spirits, and something STs should keep in mind. Unfortunately, these rules are not summarized, and they really should be somewhere. So this thread is a place to do so.

    The rules on Plant Spirits are found in various places. I find different bits in the corebooks, Ways of the Wolf, Axis Mundi, Rage Across Appalachia, Umbra, Players Guide, and the original Wendigo tribebook. If there are mentions in other books, I am ignorant of them.

    Below is a summary.
    • awakening (sanctifying) a plant will lend its powers to the plant as though it were a talen
    • using a sanctified plant involves burning or destroying it, and that causes the plant spirit to dissipate and return to the ground to regrow
    • some plants are "natural fetishes" that any Garou can use. They don't need to use rites, although they do need to roll Gnosis like normal to activate the fetish. These plants all have Gnosis 7 and are level 1 fetishes. They're probably more like natural talens.
    • plants slumber in winter and must be roused with the Rite of Spirit Awakening if Garou want to interact with them
    • during winter, plants are especially torpid. If you want to awaken a spirit during this time, it requires a point of Gnosis spent during the rite
    • all plants awaken on the first day of Spring (spring equinox). I assume they then slumber the next day, and would require the normal rite of awakening if one wanted to interact with the spirit.
    • Oak has an ancient alliance with Stag made when the world was young; sometimes extends their help to Fianna regardless of how much Rage they have. We're also told that they won't break alliances with Packs of Stag, although they will warn its Garou when their Rage is excessive.
    • There are Plant totems available to packs, though they are rare and have special requirements concerning Rage.
    We're also told multiple times that Plants will react hostilely to Garou who have too much Rage for them.
    • Fir states that they will not tolerate a Rage trait higher than 3.
    • Oak's case this is raised to Rage exceeding 4 (although this is written badly, and sometimes I think it means 5), but this has exceptions where Garou associated with Stag is concerned.
    • Revised says certain plants can tolerate higher rage and gives examples of carnivorous plants (like Venus Flytrap) and plants associated with strong emotions (like roses). (I typically place these at Rage 4, and put Oak at Rage 5 tolerating the most Rage.)
    • Psychedelic Plant Totems who have "powerful enigmatic spirits" that reveal visions – but unlike other totem descriptions, nothing is mentioned about Rage indicating these plants don't care about that
    Is there anything I have missed? Has anyone actually played in games where these rules are in effect, or are they just ignored?