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When are we seeing the rest of the Lost Tribe books?

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  • When are we seeing the rest of the Lost Tribe books?

    So, I enjoyed the White Howler tribe book and I've wanted to see how the Bunyip and Croatan books turn out. So...when are we going to see them?

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    Were there any plans?

    Isn't Croatan Song pretty much a Croatan Tribe book with a bit of additional information on Uktena and Wendigo?


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      Almost certainly not before W5 comes out. Until then we have no idea how the lore will change.

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        I think OPP still has the right to produce W20 (or any 20th Anniversary) supplements. So, they could work on this. Since Bunyip are extinct, even with a 1st Edition TB design, the Tribebook would probably end in Wild West era. How W5 doesn't retcon into established history.


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          Onyx Path has a license to produce W20 products, however they still have to get approval from Paradox before doing so. By all public appearances, Paradox has ceased approving any new 20th books at all (so any upcoming ones were already approved beforehand). Pretty much anything new for all of the 20th lines is being done via the STV community content program rather than as official books (even if they're being done by Onyx Path mainstay freelancers).


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            A minor clarification:

            Onyx Path doesn't have a license to produce 20th Anniversary products, we have a license to produce World of Darkness products. We have released material for Revised Edition, 20th Anniversary Edition, and 5th Edition. I make that distinction because some people think that license is limited to X20 material.

            Anyway, as Heavy Arms mentions, it is a license, and we don't just make whatever product we feel like. Everything needs to be approved by Paradox, and at this point the focus on W5.

            At this time there are no plans for any Bunyip or Croatan books. That might change once W5 is out.

            Croatan Song, Past Lives, and The Wild West Companion are probably your best bets for material covering those tribes.

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