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Thoughts on Earthblood?

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  • Thoughts on Earthblood?

    Have you guys seen the trailers? What are your thoughts? Cautiously optimistic? Skeptical?

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      Im happy to see something Werewolf related get produced but from what ive seen I dont expect it to be anything grand.

      The Hecata are a sect not a clan.


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        Saw some people were streaming on Sunday and watched a little bit. Streamer was french so I couldn't pick up much on what they were saying about it but the character was in a prison and basically snuck into places in Lupus and then killed a bunch of people in Crinos.

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          If nothing else, I'll buy it because FINALLY we have a full WtA videogame.

          My gallery.


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            I preordered the game last month on my birthday. I'm ready for tomorrow...


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              Optimistic. I'm not a gamer or a video game player but I bought this one. I saw some sneak peak and gameplay from who already played the game. The only important thing for me is the fact that the game seems to capture the right vibe of werewolf the apocalypse. The character is very charismatic and the whole pack seems cool.
              I will love the game.

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                I've preordered the game as soon as it was possible on epicgames. I'm waiting for it too long so I'm, excited. Even when it would be a crap I am happy taht it's WtA and I will play it anyway with smile.


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                  I preordered, too.

                  But, "Heart of the Forest" is the first game that was actually released - although it is a different type of game.

                  And, I once heard about "Warrior of the Apocalypse", a werewolf protagonist jump-n-run for SEGA consoles. But no idea if it really was released.


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                    I'd describe it as decent. Fun but not likely to bring in new fans, not like Bloodlines did.


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                      I saw a playthrough the beginning and I have to say the voice acting for the main hero and villain suck. Our villian sounds like a teenager girl which ruins any scene where she is cool and badass. Our hero can’t emote for shit. When he’s suppose to be consumed rage over the death of his wife he just sounds barely annoyed.


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                        I am enjoying the game. Combat is fun. Crinos is fast strong and deadly as it should be. I like lupus form and the way it sneak past the guards. Is the game worth buying? For hardcore toxic fanboy like me yes. I don't look at the game searching for flaws. I go with the flow enjoying it cause I was waiting for WtA game since 90's and that's far too long.


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                          My brother called me up on the phone earlier today and spent like 15 minutes telling me how bad the game was and how salty he was that he'd spent $40 on it. He said it looked and played like an old early PS2 era game complete with tank controls. The voice acting and sound in general were pretty bad. He said he didn't enjoy the gameplay at all, just going into mostly empty rooms and fighting waves of enemies using bad controls. He said he played for about 30 minutes and then that was it, he was done with it. Hope other people have more fun than he did.

                          I might grab it someday but I'll definitely be waiting for a big sale.


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                            As a Long time Fan of Werewolf the Apocalypse setting and now Earthblood as well,

                            First off I remember the First Werewolf the Apocalyspe Video Game failure comes to mind the one that shortly partialy made after Bloodlines came out it was going to like Bloodlines like for Werewolf that main character was a White Howler he had the chance of ether stay a true Garou of fall to the Wyrm.

                            Now onto EarthBlood yes it's action with some RPG touches, I've played the Assassian's Creed series I'm familar with the edges like powers and build up system, side missions are ok

                            Good Eye Candy such as the Whskey signs from King, The soda machines on the First area I'm atill trying to figure what part of Pentex company there from. Endron Doesn't have a Presdent it has Them or They,



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                              While I was on the fence about it and nothing's really urging me to plop down new game price money on this... I'm getting a weird feeling that Earthblood is getting graded on one hell of a curve by the big reviewers. CP '77 and Hades seem like they've done more good for Earthblood than anything in Earthblood simply by burning reviewers on AAA games that might not even be playable at launch, while lower budget games redoing old standard game-styles with some new character to them feel like a breath of fresh air simply by doing what they're supposed to do on release.

                              Though it really sounds like Earthblood could have leaned harder into being a bit retro since everyone seems to point out how dated it feels.