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Quick question: can a garou carry another, unconscious, garou into the umbra?

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  • Quick question: can a garou carry another, unconscious, garou into the umbra?

    Like it says on the tin. Do all garou have to be conscious to cross over?

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    By default, no, but there are ways to do it (or at least ways that imply they could do it even if they don't outright say so) with various powers. Some groups would allow this if you also use the optional Opening the Way rule, which lets one pack member roll to enter the Umbra for the whole pack.


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      I'd argue, that if the Garou is of the same pack and the "Opener of Ways" rules are used, then an unconscious packmate might be brought to the other side.

      If the garou isn't a packmate, then the Gift "Parting the Velvet Curtain" (iirc) has to be used. I think the Gift was reworked in W20, I'm not sure, basing my assumption in 2nd revised.

      I'd also argue, that the same goes for intoxicated or otherwise not fully aware garou goes, but not those in frenzy or otherwise actively struggling against the process. Also, I'd say it doesn't work for dead garou. However, there might be a Gauntlet rating of zero at the Heart of a Caern, which might allow to bring corpses from the Umbra home.

      I think it would be inappropriate to "talisman dedicate" a corpse, and if there are no Gifts to bring the corpse through the Gauntlet are available and one doesn't want to ask certain Weaver spirits for assistance then the Heart of a caern seems to be the best approach, imo.


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        Garou can't normally cross over unconsciously. But there are Gifts like Grasp From Beyond that should allow a Garou to pull an unconscious buddy across the Gauntlet. But that is a rank 4 Theurge gift, so while "standard", it's not one most Garou will have.

        I personally wouldn't allow the Opener of Ways rule to work if the Garou was unconscious. I interpret it more as someone "guiding" his pack through the Gauntlet, but each member of his pack using his own power to step sideways. But other STs will have their own interpretations.


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          Thanks everyone. I went with the following: the mystic bond shared by a pack through their totem allows packmates to bring unconscious ones through by opening the way. However, they cannot bring other garou through in this manner.

          The resultant scene went well: half the PC's distracted and deflected the firefighters before they could burst into the hotel room in which a metis lay unconscious in all her crinos glory, while the rest of the pack healed her in time for everyone to cross into the umbra. The tension that resulted in simply not being able to carry her across was fun and an added wrinkle to crossing which we'll use from now on.