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Can a normal human become a Garou?

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    Originally posted by Saur Ops Specialist View Post
    There was that stipulation about Garou willingly giving up their lives to avoid the Wyrm taint (which would likely be from Garou who are following the Suffer Not the People to Tend Thy Sickness tenet to an extreme), but given that the knowledge of the RoSR is usually kept by thoroughly unsavory folk and the rite has such a justifiably terrible reputation, it's an unlikely occurrence.
    I would call that recycling .

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      For the Werewolf setting as-written, it's out of theme for anyone but Gaia and Luna (or Helios) to create a true, genuine, fully-functional and spiritually-potent Changing-Breed or shapeshifter individual. Said individual will be a shapeshifter from birth (unless it's a Corax or Ratkin). The Rite of Sacred Rebirth results in a sort-of-Garou, but most spirits won't treat with them. The Mockery Breeds from Pentex are even more screwed up, dysfunctional, without the full range of forms, and most of them can't learn Gifts.

      Mages can certainly become, or maybe create, shapeshifters of a non-Gaian sort. They can learn to turn into animal forms, although they risk losing their human minds if they do that. They can maybe with high Life give themselves a war form, I don't know. They can't give themselves a spiritual connection to the Umbra or Gaia or Luna or Helios, as the true Changing-Breeds have, nor convince the spirit world to treat them as one of Gaia's champions. They also can't avoid the Paradox because a Mage shapeshifting is always Vulgar, even without witnesses. I don't know what the Path of Shapeshifting allows, but it does avoid Paradox. However I feel like mere linear sorcery shouldn't really let mortal humans get away with something that drastic.

      Part of the theme here is that when humans try to replace Mother Nature's work with their own imitations, they cannot come close to equalling Mother Nature's creations, let alone surpassing them. When you look at what human technological "progress" has utterly failed to accomplish in reality, this is pretty hard to argue against. Humans actually can't improve on what Mother Nature has given us, such as replacing the "ecosystem services" of the ecosystem they just destroyed, or growing crops with no pollinators, or using our clumsy pesticides and antibiotics to try to replicate what ants have evolved for their own farms. Human artifice cannot equal the products of evolution (or the works of the gods).

      This isn't necessarily the theme in Mage, though, so if you prefer a more hopeful, humanocentric, and/or gonzo crossover sort of setting you could come up with something. Then again, human hubris and monumental F-ups are fully in theme for Mage, too.
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