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  • W20 Changing starting gifts


    Is there any rule, merit or way to change your starting gifts? I want to change a Breed gift for another Tribe gift (for 2 total).


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    RAW I don’t believe so, but as it doesn’t break any balance issues it shouldn’t be a problem if your Storyteller wants to allow it, so just ask.

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      There is, as far as I know, no way to do this, within the rules.

      There is, however, also no reason ever given why a garou has one gift of each list. They start as cubs without no gifts. They supposedly learn gifts after the Rite of Passage and to be balanced, they get one from each list. But, there is no statement regarding this. At least non I can remember. The 1st Edition 'Rite of Passage' adventure module had all cubs already have gifts and tribes.

      Our LARP has the rule that one must have one Gift of each list. Cubs will be sponsored by garou of rank and will with their support approach one or more spirits to learn up three gifts before the Rite of Passage starts. They aren't limited to those Gifts listed as 'starting Gifts' in the core rules, but any rank 1 Gift from any source book will do. If they learn Gifts after the Rite of Passage they can learn Gifts relatively freely, but spirits will be hesitant to bestow new Gifts if the garou has not at least one Gift from each list. 'Hesitant' means the spirit can be persuaded, but sooner or later one needs at least a Gift from each list.


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        Should also point out that Gifts are not exclusive to one type. If you are a Metis Silver Fang Theurge, then "Sense Wyrm" is a gift that you can get from any of those lists. Other Gifts are often found in at least two different groups.