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Harvesting Gnosis from Banes

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    Originally posted by Demigod Beast View Post
    ....Grondr did that, and the Garou wiped them out, because of it. And you regain Gnosis from caerns and englings.
    When we started our LARP revised core had just come out and there wasn't a German translation yet. Gondr background, didn't exist, but the harvesting from spirits/banes was around since 1st Edition as Black Fox pointed out.

    Also, you get Gnosis from Meditation and Englings (and Rites and Gifts), but not from Caerns. As has been pointed out in this topic, too, iirc.


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      Heinrich I did not understand the emphasis you were putting on Balance Wyrm taint being just a momentary blip. I'm still not sure I understand what you are saying, especially how this taint goes away without any intervention, but it looks less untenable now that you explained it more.

      She/Her. I am very literal-minded and write very literally. If I don't say something explicitly, please never assume I implied it. The only exception is if I try to joke.
      My point of view may be different from yours but is equally valid.
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        Well, there wasn't really any mention that events one could attribute to the balance wyrm or the natural order would not generate taint and that the taint would be different from wyrm taint that is the result of corrupted wyrm. For the whole sense Wyrm/Wyld/Weaver Gift mechanic and the various taints to work in a meaningful way it seemed there are two approaches.

        Either there are events/actions that happen every day that don't lead to taint or there is taint caused by any suitable event, but it either doesn't last long or is small in magnitude.

        To my tasted the first option isn't satisfying and I can't really bring it to work with the way for example taint in cities is described. My co-STs in my LARP game concurred.

        So, to us, it made sense that wyrm taint, or any taint for that matter, is spread over a large scale, with rather fine quantities for events of (subjective) smaller scope to events with graver impacts causing more taint. More taint being not a linear thing, but rather logarithmic, so magnitudes more taint. With this approach we could make more sense of how taint comes to be.

        It also makes sense that taint isn't permanent. WoD: Outcasts' take on Ronin and garou Rites for us is the reason why garou usually do not accumulate taint to horrendous amounts. From there we extrapolated that any person should decrease taint with time and spirituality of some (appropriate) sort. Obviously, belonging to a wyrm cult should not lead to decrease in taint
        But, a boy who had brawl with another boy in school, accidentally pushing that boy down the stairs and killing him should not necessarily have wyrm taint when he is a dedicated social worker in his forties. Places and objects aren't sentient, so we don't think they can live spiritual lives, so time alone will dissipate taint, although part-taking in events that in essence would be counter-acting the taint would reduce it. That's what your garden variety Feng Shui counsellor might do, even if he doesn't have hedge magic.

        In the end, we dodge the question "why do some actions cause taint and others do?" by saying "All events cause taint, the amount and time you can detect is just varies - depending on circumstances and successes you rolled". An answer that gives us much more freedom and saves us from out of game discussions and continuity errors.
        "When Bob STed four years ago, we came to a scene where a boy pushed someone down the stairs a day earlier and there was taint. My character detected it. Here a boy pushed down another just six hours ago and you tell me, there is no taint. Something strange is going on here...." - "Erh, no, my bad, the wyrm taint isn't the takeaway from this scene...:"

        All in all, Sense Wyrm is used as a "sense evil" when on caern guard duty - for garou who return from away missions usually use the Rite of Cleansing before they approach the guards. If they hadn't had a chance or it didn't work, the warders discretion is applied. If garou are out on a mission however, Sense Wyrm is more an investigative tool. Anything that had contact with 'wyrmish' events could have taint, and with enough successes you might get clues what created the taint and so on. So it makes a nice story element and can lead to a huge problem if a player botches the sense wyrm roll.


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          In Werewolf - Earthblood it seems spirits are harvested by posing next to them for a second, transfering energy. Then again, the Spirit Points are more like experience than what Gnosis is in the tabletop...