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  • Supporter Merit in W20

    So, when it says you have a -2 difficulty on Social rolls, what do they mean exactly? Because that can't mean what I think it means for a 2 point merit. Either my friend's copy of the book is outdated or Social rolls is a lot more narrowly defined.

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    There hasn't been an official clarification on this one, but pretty much everyone I know agrees that the wording in the book is far too broadly stated.

    The most common narrowing I have seen is just to reference back to the beginning of the Merit: you get a -2 diff on Social rolls to inspire people.
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      A sensible alteration, since that would follow in theme.

      Mind you, my group apparently is sticking with it being a generic -2 after I did my do-diligence by bringing it up with them, so I guess I have one overly good merit.


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        There were plenty of 1 dot Merits in older editions (some of the game lines just turned this into a generic Merit) that gave you a flat -2 difficulty break to any use of a given Ability. A lot of people are used to being able to throw that down as a bonus relatively cheaply. By itself it's not that powerful (there's a common Rank 1 Gift that provides the same bonus) depending on how your group handles social stuff. It's mostly a problem when you get into stacking bonuses from multiple sources and you're suddenly tossing around a dozen dice at -4 difficulty and social obstacles might as well not be bothered with.


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          Persuasion, I have that gift too. It only gives a -1, but a -3 to difficulty is pretty sweet if you make the roll and your social roll is super effective, so yea.