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W20 Stepping Sideways easily

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  • W20 Stepping Sideways easily


    Besides having a high Gnosis and using the Mirrorshades fetish, what else can facilitate Stepping sideways easily in most* situations? Is there any gift or other fetishes?


    *By most, I mean not depending on a particular location.

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    I just made a Houserule where you do Dexterity + Permanent Gnosis, against the local Gauntlet level, to step sideways.

    Jade Kingdom Warrior


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      The optional Opening the Way rule might apply depending on what you're looking for. It lets one PC roll for their whole pack, which means your highest Gnosis character is the only one the needs Mirrorshades, and everyone crosses at the same speed so you don't have to worry about some PCs getting over instantly and having to stand around in potentially hostile territory waiting for the rest to get through.

      I don't believe W20 reprinted any of the Rites that could apply (though many of those were too obvious to really apply to "most situations"), or the scant Totem that could help.

      Mages can lower Gauntlet ratings, but that's if you're using the full rules for mages and not abbreviated rules for wizards in a pure WtA game.