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Need Help with a Rank Challenge; full deets provided

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  • Need Help with a Rank Challenge; full deets provided

    Here's the situation:
    Four White Spots is a Lupus Ahroun Uktena challenging for Fostern. She has gone to the Sept of the Infinite Matrix, a Glass Walker caern of money, because she wishes to learn more about what it is to be "human" because she spends too much time in her lupus form. She has not challenged anyone specific yet - that is what happens in the next session. I can probably wing it as I have the sept fully mapped out and all NPCs created, but I thought I'd ask and see what you fine folk could come up with. Many thanks!

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    "Hunting" for a sect reunion to happen in a month, without resorting to Gifts, stepping sideways and without changing from Homid. If she needs money, she'll have to get it herself, if she get into jail she'll have to wait to be bailed out by the sect instead of fighting her way out. The food provided must be approved by the challenged in both quality and quantity.

    It isn't just buying a bag of doughnuts. Finding out what the challenged would approve is in itself a hard task, and it shouldn't be easy to find or cheap to buy, although buying it would be the default win condition. Stealing will do only if she can get away with it, since being caught you get the precious loot out of her hands even if she is bailed out swiftly.

    The general gist of it is something familiar, but the execution forces her to deal with humans and how human society works. Be it through internet research, talking to people, working for money, or even planning and executing a robbery.

    She/her pronouns


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      I'll just give some general comments.

      First, the challenge to achieve Fostern is not generally hard. If a Cliath is a teenager just graduated from high school and ready to move out of his parents' house, then Fostern is somehow who has mastered being an adult. He holds a steady job, saved up some money, owns his own means of transportation, pays all his own bills, stays out of trouble, and is ready for the responsibilities of starting his own family. For Garou that means he is no longer making the typical rookie mistakes of Cliaths. He's proven he can be trusted to not damage the Veil, to properly honor the spirits especially the caern totem, can handle his auspice responsibilities, obey the Litany, accept Garou hierarchy and dominance in good grace, etc. It's a fairly low bar.

      Most challenges would likely be auspice oriented, but there's no problem with it being breed oriented or targeting some other aspect if it appears that is an area the Garou is struggling with, and the person wants to know the Garou is ready for that.

      Second, if a Garou is sent to some sept to LEARN something then the Garou is not ready for that kind of challenge. Tests should never be a means to educate someone. They are designed to validate the person has mastered previous instruction. Lessons come BEFORE not DURING tests. So if the intention is to use a challenge as a learning opportunity, I think you are going about it wrong. Someone first needs to mentor Four White Spots first, spend some time in human society under supervision, be tutored when she acts wrong, etc. Then after that is done, a challenge happens that allows her to demonstrate she can operate in human society by showing off what she has learned by responding to novel situations.

      Now, I don't think there's a problem for someone to challenge for fostern, achieve it by demonstrating their skills as an ahroun, or mastery of some tribal culture of uktena, or whatever, and then go about learning how to be homid. However, I don't think that is why the character is being sent to a Glass Walker sept. Presumably acting human is the challenge that needs to be overcome. But clearly the Garou is not ready at this time. So you're setting her up to fail in any proper challenge to do so. Usually that is not fun for the PC and spoils the game session. Instead, I'd just have everyone in the sept refuse to offer her one (possibly because their own sept leadership asked that), so that she can have an extended mentoring, and then when she is ready run the challenge.

      My suggestion is for the lupus to be partnered with an NPC, and then come up with a series of scenes for the lupus to interact in. The number of scenes and the level of interaction depends on what you and the PC think to be fun. It might just be a quick montage of events that the two of you brainstorm, or it might be serious roleplay for some length of time. Whatever works. Then you're ready for the challenge.

      The challenge itself would be along the lines of what monteparnas suggests - she has to enter a novel situation that tests what she has learned about human society and apply it in a novel way. It might be helping a human in trouble, or a different kind of human sub-culture than what she has previously been exposed to, or extensively interacting with an important aspect of human society. Something that would require her to pull together a lot of different things she has learned, but in a different way than how she was first taught.

      Committing a human crime and not getting caught. Living on the streets for a month not using any powers or shapechanging. Getting hired for their first job and holding it for a week or month. Helping a confused old person to get their phone service restored by navigating human bureaucracy and figuring out cell phone plans. Maybe even something as simple as getting a library card or driver's license.