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  • Sept hospitality questoins

    in Rage across the World W20, under pack status it lists things like "Live in a tent, live in a cabin, live comfortably as guests of the sept.

    Curious I dont see where it defines what "Living Comfortably means" its a good idea to at least include suggestions.

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    I think it is too Sept design dependent.

    What a highly lupus wilderness Sept considers good sleeping arrangements is going to be vastly different from what an urban Sept built in a skyscraper is going to think about this.


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      know threads almost 4 years old.wanted to revive it

      Even if they h ave a manor or mansion, attached to a sept, preferential sleeping arrangements will still be contested

      Ideas what to do with the "Tent" and "Cabin" listings for a urban sept?


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        Originally posted by Prince of the Night View Post
        Ideas what to do with the "Tent" and "Cabin" listings for a urban sept?
        If the urban sept is managed by Bone Gnawers, the whole sept might be a village of tents, where the seniors live in more well-established spaces like big tents or dry quarters in the unoccupied building on the block. There would also likely be homes built up with the "Cardboard Palace" gift, and the lower in station might have to do with shelter they can scrounge up on their own. If it's a Glass Walker sept, the "tent" could be a tool shed in somebody's back yard, and the "cabin" could be somebody's basement, garage, or attic apartment, or for some flair, Carl's place in Caddyshack. (


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          Ideas what "Live comfortably as the guest" could mean in aANY sept?

          My guess...

          being given a cabin or tent but good food, in a glasswalker or bone gnawer se pt a hotel or motel room, and occasional eating out.

          (bonegnawers had a RITE OF THE PIZZA)


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            We have several NPCs designed for our LARP game, so players can travel there as background moves and such. Each sept should have a bit of a different feel and housing of guests and if guests are allowed at all, also is a factor.

            From several cabins in more rural septs, close to the caern's assembly area ist most common, but other septs have designated territories where guests can hunt and basically look for any living accommodations themselves, with a kinfolk-run B&B in the area as well. Other septs only provide small rooms and a bunk bed, especially to garou just passing through, while others provide apartments in a building structure within the bawn.

            Some have restrictions regarding the tribes that may visit the sept or how log guests may stay.


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              It variest a bit also with Situation

              A Silent Strider coming to a Fang Sept with a Important Missive can probaly expect a Regal welcome

              one whos just staying a night for next leg on his journey, can probaly expect a basic bedroom, and a meal.