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    Originally posted by Uniform Two Six View Post
    Ahem... OR it actually WAS Pentex. Keep in mind that back in the real world, while BP owned the well -- it was an outfit called Transocean that was subcontracted to drill it and owned the rig. In the World of Darkness, there's nothing to say that entirely legit corporations like BP don't wind up subcontracting out to veiled tendrils of Endron or some other Pentex subsidiary.
    Ok, that's another option. But you got the point. The thing imho is that Pentex rarely could be connected to harmful activities directly. I think that it would rather give people something absolutely harmless and rely on human stupidity. Or creativity, whatever you want to call it. As with knife: you could prepare your meal with it or kill somebody (if knife was made by Pentex it could be the same :P). Or bend the law. Breaking it is the last and rarely used option.

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