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The Torretto Family from "Fast and Furious 5-7" = How to play a Proper Garou Pack.

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  • The Torretto Family from "Fast and Furious 5-7" = How to play a Proper Garou Pack.

    (Start of Long and Enthusiastic Rant/Analysis)

    After re-visiting the world of Werewolf for the first time in 10 years with "Werewolf 20", I was completely stumped at finding a Source Material that would adequately demonstrate how to ''properly'' roleplay the camaraderie, the trust, the teamwork, the conflict and the LOVE between the dysfunctional family that is The Garou Wolfpack.

    And thankfully, last month on HBO Taiwan a Double Feature of my favorite guilty pleasure "Fast Five" and "Furious 6" played on TV. And then I watched "Fast and Furious 7" straight afterwards, notepad still in hand.


    Now before you all throat me for this: hear me out. The surrogate-family of the Torretto Carjackers, being a collection of action movie cliches, manages to capture the roles played by each and every Auspice in Garou Society. What makes THIS Action Movie Family stand out, however, is that they DO work together as one, with specific roles that compliment each other's strengths and compensate for each other's shortcomings.

    Don't believe me? Let's analyze the Torretto family, Auspice by Auspice, as if they are a Garou Pack.

    "RAGABASH:" (Brian O'Connor and Han) These two gentlemen are the consummate infilatrators (O'Connor in particular as an undercover cop), who are the jack of all trades and yet experts of none. Not only are they able to gather information from under their foe's noses and sow seeds of discord, but their sheer versatility in means that even if a sudden change of plans ensues, they will be able to rapidly adapt to the situation at hand; ensuring that being unpredictable variables themselves, they are still able to carry a battle plan to its planned conclusion in spite of unpredictable variables.

    "THEURGE:" (Tej the hacker) The archetypal "smart guy" of the team, who although is a comparatively incompetent warrior (in this case, due to a career ending injury), is indispensable to the team due to his ability to equip his team/pack with the necessary gadgets/fetishes required to complete the battle at hand, not to mention in-combat hacking (analogous to communing with Weaver Spirits) that can harry and slow down the foe from harming them, providing much needed "breathing space" to coordinate the next pack maneuver. And "Furious 7" shows that just because a warrior is the "smart guy" does NOT mean that he is the weak one, as the security guard on the receiving end of Tej's Wing-Chung Kung Fu found out the hard way.

    "PHILODOX:" (Mia Torretto and Letty Torretto) If Tej the Theurge is the "Intelligence" of the team, then Mia (Mission Control) and Letty (Pack Beta) are the "Living Wisdom" that provides balance for the team. Mia, from her vantage point of Satellite GPS computers, is able to logically assess the variables that come into the mission, and calmly assess and coordinate her Family to the next safest maneuver. Letty, the "battlefield Philodox" on the other hand is the figure of reliability and stability that Dominic the Ahroun/Alpha can unflinchingly trust to support (and rescue) his packmates for him should their impulsiveness and hotheadedness get the better of them.

    "GALLIARD": (Roman the Mouth and Giselle) When brute force is inadequate (and would be detrimental to the mission at hand), it's up to the grease-lightning wit and charm of these two consummate tricksters to get the social-wheels turning and the mission moving. The distractions that Roman is able to spin with the the sheer weight of hie ego and the sheer speed of his mouth is able to grind enemy security to a DEAD STOP, not to mention allowing him to ''openly'' acquire resources and information with an efficiency that rivals O'Connor's. Giselle on the other hand is able to charm her way into an enemy's trust, leaving them dead open to exploitable weaknesses. And at the end of the day, subterfuge and charm aside, you can always, always rely on the passion and courage of the Galliard to suddenly be there for you at that last most perilous moment.

    "AHROUN": (Dominic Torretto and Luke Hobbs) Hot tempered, passionate and loyal, these two warriors are the indisputable "Alphas" of their packs (and heck, Dominic is explicitly referred to as such by Ramsay in "Furious 7"). As Hot Blooded and violent warriors both, Dominic and Luke provided the much needed "muscle" in battles; their prowess and skill allowing them to wrench open weaknesses for their "siblings" to exploit with sheer brute force. Their absolute fearlessness not only drives a spearhead into the enemy ranks into which they charge, but inspires the bravery and faith that the pack needs to charge in after him. Most importantly, that selfsame bravery allows both men to unhesitatingly lay down their lives and protect their beloved family, holding the enemy back to allow his younger siblings to escape alive. If the Ragabash, Theurge, Philodox and Galliard are the "Mind and Body" of the Pack, then Dominic and Luke the Ahrouns are the Hearts, Souls and Fathers that drives their Families onwards.

    But MORE important than teamwork an battle efficiency, is the fact that The Torretto Gang/Family/Pack ''Love Each Other.''

    So many action films and TV shows spout "love and family" but don't practice what they preach; but for ONCE with the Torretto family you get to see what REAL love and loyalty means in a wolfpack.

    They may argue, they may disagree, and heck they may even FIGHT each other. But at the end of the day, the vow to ALWAYS be there for each other, through laughter and joy, sadness and tears is always kept. Hard to find is a more touching gesture of brotherly love as when Brian tightly embraced Han as they both mourned the death of Giselle in the final battle of "Fast 6", or when the entire pack decides to let Brian retire for the sake of protecting the happiness of his young family.

    Day to day, their love for one another is expressed through the quintessential familial activity of ALWAYS sharing meals with each other (like Wolves/Garou/Any-Social-Animals do), wherein through Saying-Grace they ask God (and/or Gaia, if you will) to bless each other ''explicitly'' as ''family'' rather than just mere "friends."

    And just in case you think it's all hugs and kisses, the fucking-CAMARILLA would like to remind you that there is nothing, NOTHING ''scarier'' and more ''unstoppable'' than a Garou pack united in protecting their children and avenging their murdered-packmates/kinfolk, as the Shaw Brothers (even Jason-Fucking-Statham) found out the hard and painful way in "Fast 6" and "Furious 7."

    Most of all (and probably not quite a Garou Virtue, I admit), a true Alpha and Father loves his family enough to FORGIVE betrayals. Not every Garou (or man, for that matter) can proudly admit to sharing the 10 million promised to his deceased packmate's widow like Dominic can, in spite of the betrayal (to protect said widow and his child) that lead to his demise.
    And that's after forgiving O'Connor for his undercover treachery, embracing him as a Blood Brother for laying down his life and career to break him out of prison.

    So, Long Rant Short, in my honest opinion, besides being totally kickass action movies, Installments 5 to 7 of "The Fast the The Furious Series" is probably THE best example of how to play an argumentative yet loyal and Loving Garou-Pack. To demonstrate my point, I'll let the esteemed Ahroun Dominic Torretto summarize what it means to be a True Garou Warrior. Take it away, Dom!

    "I don't have friends; I got family."

    End of Long Enthusiastic Rant (Thanks/Sorry about that)
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    I like it. Granted, I think this is the most anyone has thought about the characters in Fast and Furious, but you are right, the violence undercut with family loyalty has some nice commonality with Werewolf.


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      In a similar vein, I thought SAMCRO from Sons of Anarchy also had a vibe appropriate to a Garou pack. Leverage is another show with the same dynamic. Most "outlaw bands" will fit.


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        Right now actually putting some SERIOUS thought into doing a Pack Writeup based on the Toretto Family.
        Obviously All of them are Homid.
        The Auspices are taken care of>
        But the trouble is, which Tribes?

        On account of being an atheletic Irishman, O'Connor will obviously be a Fianna.
        Tej the hacker, who can also be build modified Super-Cars that would make James Bond drool in his sleep, is obviously a Glass Walker.
        Han being made a Stargazer may seem lazy, but it's the closest to an appropriate and positive Asian Archetype for him.

        This leaves the rest of the pack out in the open

        All of them are FAR too Loving, Decent and Honorable People to ever have a DROP of Shadow-Lord blood in their veins,
        Was considering making Dom and Mia Get of Fenris, but would the Get accept Hispanics/Italians amongst their kin?
        Because I REALLY don't want to pander to the odious and sickening stereotype of "Black/Hispanic=Poor Criminals=Bone Gnawers" for ANY of them.

        And then again, Mia would probably have to be left as a Kinfolk considering the healthy Son and Daughter that she and O'Connor has at the end of the saga, wouldn't she? They are happily married, and shouldnt' have to bear the stigma of being "Charach", should they?

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          Originally posted by Lin Liren View Post
          Was considering making Dom and Mia Get of Fenris, but would the Get accept Hispanics/Italians amongst their kin?
          Race does not matter to the Get.
          Fenrir define themselves through strength, not race. There was one camp that was Nazi-influenced racists, and they were purged.

          Is charach a nWoD term? I am not familiar with it.


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            "Charach" is Old-Form-Garou for "He who violated the First Tenant of the Litany", and is used as a pejorative and curse that carries all the ugliness of "motherfucker" multiplied by the humiliation of "slut" to the power of the shame of "bastard" rolled into one word.

            The reason I've considered making Mia, and even Letty (who is pure Black Fury) just Kinfolk and not Garou is because that would be the ONLY way their marriages to Brian and Dom respectively can stay as warm, functional, loving and happy as they are in the films.

            That said, I can still see Dom as the kind of Garou who would love and stand up for ALL members of his pack, Metis INCLUDED.
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              Why make just the girls kinfolk? I could definitely see Brian as a badass kinfolk, the cop in over his head, which is why it was hard for him to get into the pack in the first place.

              I would have Roman as a Bonegnawer which is obviously why he and Tej clash but are still friendly with one another as the pariahs amonst the pack.

              Giselle, ruthless professionalism and an eye for a targets weakness, as a Shadowlord.

              Han, just as ruthless as Giselle and constantly trying to fight off his weakness (kicking his smoking habit), would also be a Shadowlord but of the Hakken variety thus his stronger attachment to honor. This would also make sense with the two of them constantly running off together, tribal business.

              Hobbs is a Silverfang, ever the lord of his environment, wrangling the others together and aiming them towards a common goal.


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                Derzhuzad and Laughing Stranger
                Thank You Fellas So Much!

                Since strength and not race matters to the Get of Fenris? Alright, then Dom with his strength of character fits PERFECTLY into their shoes.
                And no wonder he would be so protective of Mia, being a vulnerable Kinfolk AS WELL as his little sister.
                And short of the Children of Gaia, NOBODY loves their family more than the Get do.

                I selected Fianna for Brian because in 6 and 7 he is all about crazy Le-Parkour/Free-Running acrobatics, which his Tribal (Leap of the Hare) and Homid (City Running) would more than adequately simulate; The fact that he is also Irish is a huge bonus too!
                But I WILL include your advice: Brian was a Kinfolk who could not fit into the Torretto Pack no matter how hard he tried (For FOUR Movies, no less!), until his FIRST-CHANGE is triggered by his desperation to save Dom from the bus to prison in the opening of Fast Five: from thereon he is not only a brother, but a packmate too!

                I WAS considering making Roman a Silent Strider, but they would not be as charming and streetwise as a Bone Gnawer now, would they? And Roman is ALL about charm.

                I almost forgot about Han being ruthless and honorable as a Hakken (the quintessential Samurai of WoD) till you brought it up! And him being so similar to Giselle in personality, methods and even Tribe would justify their intense love for one another; not to mention Han's Hakken ties keep bringing him back to Tokyo.
                And frankly? Since they are clearly marrying each other for love first, I doubt they would even CARE if they end up Charachs both.

                And *especially* Thank You with Hobbs: no doubt he would also have a dot or five in resources and influences too, with all the manpower and firepower he can call in on such short notice!

                However, this STILL leaves the still-thorny issue with Dom and Letty: Dom is clearly the type of Ahroun who would be attracted to strength, bravery and loyalty in a Female Garou, and Letty has ALL three virtues in *spades.*

                But he clearly also places a lot of value on a *preferably* functional family;
                So, would Dominic loving Letty even if she is a full-blown Black Fury contradict his "family-values" personality?

                Thank You Fellas so much!


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                  Considering where they were trying to raise their family, charach would actually be kinda appropriate for them. Alternatively, Letty and Brian could be non-Garou Shifters.


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                    Originally posted by etherial View Post
                    Considering where they were trying to raise their family, charach would actually be kinda appropriate for them. Alternatively, Letty and Brian could be non-Garou Shifters.
                    That right there... Brian as a Nuwashi... posing as a Garou... Gold right there lol. Letty would have to be kinfolk to keep that relationship solid, I can't think of what other Fera she might be that would consider being near a garou pack...


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                      Hmm, the villains...

                      Considering that Owen Shaw (Fast 6 ) is

                      Combat hungry
                      A Bad Boss who openly mocks and disrespects the deaths of those who fail him
                      An Egomaniac who has no respect for love and family save for his brother Deckard (Statham)
                      A Sociopath who takes sickeningly boyish glee in crushing countless innocents under a rampaging tank

                      Would he be a good example of a Black Spiral Dancer?
                      Or even a Shadow Lord, maybe? :P
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                        Given I use every opportunity NOT to use BSD (Bored with a single big bad), I would definitely have the Shaw Brothers be Yeren, All of their support characters for both brothers would be on par with Pentex first teams. Owen's team would all be Fomori. Deckard's military boss friend and the martial artist that nearly dropped Brian off the cliff would be a Fomori as well, the rest just normal first team members.


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                          Given that jump rescue Letty and Dom did in 6, not to mention Letty being in a car that flipped and rolled about a half dozen times, then blew up and not getting so much as a scar, I don't see how one can make a case for her being anything less than a full splat supernatural in this scenario. Hell, I'm not sure W:tA garou are tough enough to handle all the stuff she shrugged off!


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                            @Matt The Bruins Fan

                            Letty would probably have a HIGHER Soak-Dice-Pool than Mari, who bloody had her *guts ripped out by Albercht* and still lived to (sort of) reconcile and team up with him!

                            Since this is more or less for fun, going to *try* to keep all the heroes Garou for consistency (who knows, maybe *The* "Perfect Metis" is the first of a new line, and W20's New-Final-Verse for "The Propechy of the Phoenix" hints at a future of Hope; so our heroes may find happiness after all!)

                            Going to try and start a Brian O'Connor Writeup tonight (Might Take a Little While) that replicates what he is capable of by "Fast 5", over the next 2 days.

                            Till next time, Same Fast Time, Same Furious Channel.
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                              Originally posted by Lin Liren View Post

                              Letty would probably have a HIGHER Soak-Dice-Pool than Mari, who bloody had her *guts ripped out by Albercht* and still lived to (sort of) reconcile and team up with him!
                              If he'd tried to disembowel Letty he probably wouldn't have broken the skin! I think whatever Shaw siblings, aunties, or childhood babysitters come seeking revenge in Fast and Infuri8 better bring Kyrptonite bullets if they want to take her down.