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    I brought DvD's for Wolves and Wolf-Cop. The former, turned out to be very disappointing, while the latter is tolerable, merely because it's more comedic. Both films would be still okay to watch on a werewolf marathon & particaly while under the influence of mind altering substances.

    Started watching the Shadow Hunters. Based on the Mortal Instruments novels and the film City of Bones. Which bored me to tears. (The film did!) Which I see as something much closer to World of Darkness. (Are those Nephilim kind of like Hunters and the Fallen combined?) Although, it could have been a bit more like True-Blood, while borrowing special FX from Twilight.

    Right from the start of the first episode, your drawn right into the supernatural societies and I think that's bad idea. Because there, Angel-Hunters, Mages, Witches, Vamps, Werewolves. While there hardly any emphasis on the mundane, which ruins effect of comparison. If you get my meaning.

    ​Aside from that, I found it easier to watch than those other shows mentioned.

    Seeing Werewolves, glow whilst morphing from human to lupine or vice-versa may seem less engaging, but it makes more sense with regards to the Rite of Talisman-Dedication even though this clearly isn't the World of the Darkness.

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      The new M. Night Shamalayn flick coming out in January 2017, titled Split, looks like it might be about a werewolf... or include a werewolf... or something werewolf-ish.


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        I started watching Wynona Earp last week on Netflix. It's about this young female, who is a long descendant of the renowned Wyatt Earp and has family living near his old property. This entitled her to some mysterious power after the death of her uncle. All the bad guys shot by her famous ancestor, all 70 or 77 of them rise from the dead as revenants. Aside from a opening scene with her facing off with leading bad guy or one of them at least when the bus she is travelling to the funeral makes impromptu stop nowhere in particular. Some girl, she recently met on the bus mysteriously taken and she investigates and powers manifest. Like, WOW, a she can do some martial arts. In retrospect this may or may not have some connection to urban legend I heard along time ago about the young couple who's car breaks down in the middle of no where one stormy night and the male gets out to walk to the nearest 24hr garage or servo to get help. Maybe they just need more petrol. While the girl remains in the car until she hears mysterious tapping on the roof. ON and off, this goes on for some time before she express the courage to get out and find some made man standing on the roof with a large staff. That was tapping and on the tip of that staff is the severed head of her man friend. Although my words were perhaps not the best way to relive this eerie tale. It's been a long while since I first heard this and it only came to mind after watching something like this in the pilot episode. Would have ben so much better if it was recreated that way, but Wynona Earp is based on comic book series that has escaped my notice. I don't think it's really my thing though. What has this to do with Werewolf the Apocalypse? ​It's her new born power, which I brought to the conclusion was something like THE FALLING TOUCH. Otherwise, it's not much of a interesting power, except for being instant mastery of hitting bad guys and knocking them down. It could only be THE FALLING TOUCH or how might be imagined. Not really big deal, but she does get o use her ancestor artefact pistol. ​I'm still not that impressed, cause all the spooky scene a filmed using washed out chromatic two- tone editing effect that looks like they ran out of money. Should have stuck to just normal visual, but I only got as far as the beginning of the third episode. There is also the long lived or undead Doc Holliday, who had been stuck in a well little over 100 years & one of his opening quips upon exiting his one man caravan. Something about the graffiti. Which sounded more like they need abetter writer or he miss-adlibbed badly that one time. ​This is worth watching just to see that gift physically manifest on the small screen.


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          So does anybody watch "Stranger Things" thinking that it either is pretty damn close to aspects of this game without Werewolves themselves (So far as I have seen close to the end of season two.) or it should be. I know I'm pretty slow with this since the show has been on for some time now, but I don't watch much television these days and I had only started watching this months earlier at only two or three episodes into the series and now I'm most of the way through season two since resuming earlier this week. Even with out it's own version of the Umbra/Penumbra, Project Odessy, Illiad, and Aeneid, Wyrmy critters, kids who missed out on being Garou, but still working as a team, (Not that I'm suggesting this show really needs that much more supernatural in the equation.) & other references two subtle to mention. IT has a very strong WOD vibe to it, but closest to the heart of Werewolf :TA. I 'm really hooked.


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            I shouldn't admit to this, but yeah, I was watching Stranger Things and thinking "Umbra" the whole time. I was actually toying with running a plotline where the (werewolf) characters stumble across the secret government experiment but drop hints left and right about the events of the rest of the show going on in parallel. Sort of tongue-in-cheek.


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              Oh yeah, who might you pin the Garou characters in this one?

              Maybe the four boys, Michael, Will, Dusty & Lucas are potentials & Maxine. They 're need to protect the young female Odessy test subject and a powerful one at that. Might be a bit awkward, but they are young and not yet discovered by their Kin fetch spirits. Still human enough to be very accepting, not yet bound by the Garou need to not trust lab experiments with near onmipotant mind powers.


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                Let me rephrase that: I was playing with the idea of Stranger Things being the setting for the player characters who (entirely separately) have become aware of a secret government experiment to probe "alternate dimensions" (which, of course, turns out to be the Umbra). That all of the stuff that the main characters (of Stranger Things -- not the players) are hinted as happening in the background, while the players are set the task of stopping the experiment, fixing the Umbral damage, and somehow forcing / cajoling / tricking / just-old-murdering the humans into not repeating it again.


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                  Oh, I get you there, and Suddenly notice you wrote that you never wanted to admit to it either the first time round. Still, those things on page 62 of Freak Legion look familiar, and the Flayer thing in the show is more my idea of a Nexus Crawler than White-Wolf's anyway.


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                    Found these Werewolf films after I saw a preview to Blood & Chocolate on the top ten Werewolf film listing on You-Tube.



                    I found "Blood & Chocolate" to be very close to the mark WW :TA are aiming for IMO, but otherwise not that inspiring.

                    As for "Night of the Lycan"...I'm pretty sure I commented on this film earlier before it was publically screened right here under this topic, but can't find any references to it. It wasn't so bad, but the monsters were a bit of a let down, I found the ending very ironic. Considering what I wrote in the You-Tube comments as I watched the film.

                    Pity "Late Phases" isn't on Netflix anymore.
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