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Your Favorite Tribes: Which and Why!?

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    My tastes have changed over the years, I remember loving the Get of Fenris when I first happened across WtA for their warrior culture and Viking stereotype. Afterwards I went though a xenophobic period where I wanted to keep my games in the UK and I found my tastes moving over to the Fianna. However over the last few years my heart belongs to the Bones Gnawers. I love how they are so far down the social totem pole of both the human and garou world they tend to be near invisible. I like how they are born survivors and have a sense of honour that brings up the lowest of the low and look after them. I even have a roleplaying rule I refer to as the Bone Gnawer effect where a player is based around the bottom rung of society and the rest of the group try to drag the up and even try to buy gear and clothes for them so they don't 'show them up'. I like to resist these attempts and think to legends like Dirty Frank from 2000ad who looks like shit but gets things done.


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      That with your interests changing is pretty normal. I used to think that the Glass Walkers were the only cool Garou. With time I've really learned to love them all

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        1)The Fianna will always hold a special place in my heart. i love the angle where they are knowledge keepers of the garou, and as an avid fan of Changeling: The Dreaming I really enjoy the general mystical feel of the Fianna. Though I have to admit the emphasis on drinking and partying *couch*Resist Toxin*cough* is in pretty bad taste...

        2) I actually enjoy the bone grawers quite a bit. I see them as the plucky underdogs (no pun intended) of the plucky underdogs that are the garou nation. you might put them down, but you can't keep them down.

        3) The Black Furies are an interesting concept and one I'd love to explore in character more. In that I'd love to use the character to take a serious look at sex, gender and the role of women both in the natural world and human civilization.

        4) The Children of Gaia are actually fun and pretty bad ass all around, probably the most misunderstood tribe there is both in and out of cannon IMO.

        5) The Silver Fangs; sometimes its just nice to be that shining hero that everyone admires. If only...(pick any three of the myriad of internal political struggles, neurosis, external enemies, institutionalized prejudices, scarcity of resources, potential metaphysical corruptions, ect.) would stop getting in the way.

        Least favs.

        1) The Red Talons: no mr. wolf, genocide is bad.

        2) The Get of Fenris: no, mr. viking, being a better fighter does not make you right.

        3) Stargazers: bad game design, espeically in second edition with the dreaded lupus ahroun combo.

        The others I'm usually pretty indifferent towards personally.


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          It is really hard to knock on the Apocalypse tribes. I guess the only one I kind of dislike is the 3rd Edition Fianna. Other than that, they all bring something interesting and unique to the game.

          Don't follow me, I'm lost too!


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            It's not that hard to knock on the Tribes... even if they all bring something interesting and unique to the game (I would argue strenuously that they don't). I can make pretty solid cases for most of the Tribes, even ones I like, adding far more bad to the game than they do good.


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              Well, chocolate makes you fat, it doesn't mean it isn't delicious!

              Everything and everyone have their flaws, and most of them, when it comes to RPGs, are in the eye of the beholder, so its all well and good!

              Don't follow me, I'm lost too!


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                I dig the Fianna because they're fighting to live, not living to fight, and that's a much saner point of view than a lot of tribes have on the Apocalypse war.

                My first character was one of the Children of Gaia, so natch they hold a special place for me. I dig that they're stepping back and taking a big picture view.

                The Glass Walkers are just goddamn neat, no two ways about it. Cybershamans communing with electro spirits and LMG-toting Ahrouns are too cool not to love.


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                  This List is very uninformed, as I sadly am just now going to play the game. Still rather familiar with the fluff, so I guess that counts a little? Ranking is mainly based on the W20 corebook Version.

                  1. Children of Gaia
                  I like their sane, humanistic approach and their willingness to Show restraint while being no less badass than the other tribes. Always saw them more in the veine of "Technical Pacifists" like Kenshin: not out for bloodshed, but very able to kick ass if necessary. Somehow Missed the Hippie vibe at first, though in retrospect seems obvious.Playing one would be just like fishmalks to me: kinda Fun here and there, but ultimately missing the point.
                  2. Bone Gnawers
                  LOVE the underdog, survival-first, practical theme permeating them. Most people already put their appeal more eloquently than I could.
                  3. Glass Walters
                  Technogifts. Need I say more?
                  4. White Howlers
                  Something about them is just very fascinating to me. Maybe the tragedy?
                  Not sure, I guess Fianna and Silver Fangs sharing the spot.

                  1. Black Furies
                  Somehow Irks me. Like the concept, but the execution Kind of irritates me.
                  2. Shadow Lords
                  Dislike is maybe too strong a term, just not interested all that much in them.
                  3. Red Talon
                  Appears to be very flat. Maybe it's my lack of experience though.
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                    My tastes have super changed over time, but it seems like they're in line with a lot of other people.
                    In no particular order:
                    1) Shadow Lords, when being heroic. They are the competent ones, they know how to lead, and they really do have the nation's best interests at heart. Yeah you have to break a few eggs, but you don't have to be happy about it. That, and internal tribe politics are kind of neat. Lots of good RP opportunities within the tribe, and not all of them are pure deceit.
                    2) Silver Fangs, when being heroic. They have unique abilities to bring people together, and I think those are often underplayed or played wrong. Other tribebooks don't give them nearly enough the respect that I think individuals would. When they're not being incompetent dicks, and the tribe members really are properly educated in how to be a good leader, they can deserve the respect they expect. They have to work super hard and push themselves to never fail, not even a little bit; that kind of inner conflict works a lot better than "okay they're brain damaged how tragic". Needs good players in the whole pack to really do the dynamic right though, and it's pretty easy to fall into "oh okay the sept leader is a fang, bow to the fang, who's a good plot device, you are, you are".
                    3) Glass Walkers, in plots that push rationality a little too far. If anyone's going to save the Garou Nation and win the war, it is absolutely these guys, even if they lose a bit of their soul in the process. Great second-in-commands handling logistics for any powerful leader, because sentiment and tradition is what's really killing the nation these days, not infighting. I love these guys setting up humane and unoppressive eugenics programs. They get a bad rap for being out of touch with their wyld nature, but it seems like they and their kinfolk are always the ones who carry the load when it comes to protecting others' natural habitats. Yes, that's great Mr. Wendigo that you're in touch with nature in your vast tracts of land. Who do you think is keeping humans from fracking or logging that land? It's not your guys attacking their heavy machinery, it's the Walkers buying companies out or forging geological data. The danger with Walkers is if you make them the only people who ever do that, because it's not like the Furies don't have politicians or hackers or whatever, but the Walkers are still the ones who plan on the largest scale for the whole nation, and they're the ones you run to when the shit hits the fan, or when you need to head off a future attack on a caern.'s fun to see their take on rites. My favorite character stared at a random number generator as a divination tool. Maybe it's just easier to identify with them.
                    4) Children of Gaia, when playing against stereotype. Coggies can be mean SOBs. Everyone wants a Coggie Ahroun who's not afraid to murder the hell out of people. Also good when they resolve conflicts without being fluffy bunnies. A good Child of Gaia who has a terrifying force of personality and can really back it up with force, while still remaining impartial, is a real benefit for the nation.
                    5) Wendigo, when scary as hell and not holding back. Oh god, get out of their way. Sometimes they get cast as the crying Indian who needs to be saved from the mean wyrmcomers and I think that's a huge disservice.

                    Least favorite:
                    Bone Gnawers. I just can't find the interest. Never have. I think this is a matter of my personal opinion never matching up with the way they're played. They oughtta be looked down on for good reason, not just because they keep trying to bum change off of you. This may be unjustified on my part. IMO a lot more conflict-with-other-werewolves plots should be "damn it, it's the Gnawers' fault that everything went to hell, AGAIN". Instead it's usually the SLords who eat that.


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                      My least favorite hands down has always been the Red Talons. On the surface they always struck me as flat despite having a interesting concept. They come across less as a Tribe of Wolves and more as the bitter, angry Anti-Human Tribe. Maybe their Tribebook makes them more interesting but just way they've been handled in the Rulebooks and some of the other books I have read, saps any interest I have in reading the Tribebook.

                      Favorite tribe, originally the Glass Walkers but in recent years I've become more and more interested in the White Howlers.

                      Homo sapiens. What an inventive, invincible species. It's only a few million years since they crawled up out of the mud and learned to walk. Puny, defenceless bipeds. They've survived flood, famine and plague. They've survived cosmic wars and holocausts. And now, here they are, out among the stars, waiting to begin a new life. Ready to outsit eternity. They're indomitable. Indomitable.


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                        My favorites but I think all the tribes can be awesome if they are used in cool ways so I like them all, but enough cop out
                        1. Fianna; This probably relates to my Irish descent, but I really like the feel of the Fianna tribe and the idea of these Celtic warrior-poets and being record keepers of the Garou, I'm a bit upset it seems so many people don't seem to like them but, hey to each their own I guess
                        2.Get of Fenris; These guys are just so awesome to me, I love Norse mythology and as we all know everything is better with Vikings. Plus with their rage I feel their the closest tribe to the traditional Feral,Beast Werewolf that we see.
                        3. Bonegnawers;I just think that these guys are so cool. The kind of scrappy omega's of the Garou nation who dedicate themselves to the protection of Humanity's weakest elements. Downtrodden and looked on with disgust but being one of the most adapted tribes to the modern world and arguably the most adept City-Garou.
                        4.Wendigo; I think I might just have a thing for Warrior tribes and the Wendigo rival the Get Warrior wise for me. The themes of Cold and their unrelenting rage together in the Wendigo make them one of my favorite tribes theme wise.
                        5.Black furies; This tribe is also really cool for me, with it's connection to the Wyld, Greek mythos(which I love) and being the best Girl Power faction that White Wolf ever made in my opinion.

                        Least Favorite(1 being Worst-5 being least worst)
                        1. Glasswalkers; the reason the glasswalkers are here is I feel they just feel out of place among the Garou and they just never appealed to me.
                        2. Stargazers; another tribe that just never hit my interests and really did belong more in the beast courts, plus the odd surplus of Lupus Ahroun in their tribe.Weird.
                        3. Children of Gaia; I can see this tribe being cool but White Wolf just did not help these poor guys, I can see uses for them but they just feel dull for me.
                        4. Silent Striders; I think that the whole settite connection and wanderer thing is cool but I could never think of any more use for them then an occasional visit of a strider to the caern.
                        5. Red talons; Now for me I feel these guys get to much hate, in my games their more hardcore Wyld , then the borderline Wyrm stereotype, but it's true that they simply don't mix well with homids or stories involving human and that's why there here.


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                          Just werewolf tribes, i have always liked
                          1) bone gnawers, i have always loved underdogs
                          2) glass walkers, one of the more humanistic tribes, plus some of their fetishes/talens are just cool (such as the John woo clips)
                          3) Stargazers, cause i like the mysticism
                          4) Silent striders, cause i just like their backstory

                          Now if we can add in other Fera, i would rank Mokole and Gurhal as higher than Garou (if allowed), and Bastet just under Garou. Never played a Corax, Ratkin, Sharkman or Nuwisha, and have yet to find a ST willing to allow Anassi.


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                            1 SILVER FANGS: I remember being just a teenager and the first time I opened the Dark ages book I wondered about this tribe. They had all I wanted, the power, the tragedy of the Harano, the glory and the respect of all other tribes, very powerful gifts and an interesting Russian background and culture who was very original in the american games.

                            2 SILENT STRIDERS: But now, my tastes have evolved to something different. 15 years later, I find this tribe the most interesting. They are mysterious, powerful wizards, they have a different tragedy, that being banished from their land and it offers some cool ideas of crossover with vampire and wraith. This elusive, independent and mystic tribe is one of my favorites.

                            3 BONE GNAWERS: They are the underdog, survivalists, they have some sense of humor and they are progressive and egalitarian, in contrast with the nobility of the Fangs. This could have been my favorite tribe if not for the american focus of the revised book, who turn my initial attraction to distaste. They have become the new american tribe, the american dreamers, the american independents, the american social fighters... america, america, america, so boring.

                            However, the tribe who I would not like to play at all are the GLASS WALKERS. Werewolf hackers and mafiosos? Their totem is a crocroach, cĀ“mon! What else? I think it is disconnected from the main setting.
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                              1. Children of Gaia - Neutral diplomats who embrace from my understanding the: "Force is the method when everything else failed." stance.
                              2. Glasswalkers - Those that want to be more in reach to their human kinfolks and try to bring the change from within.
                              3. Shadowlords - because those are the stealth fighters that act on "The end justify the means."
                              4. Fianna - Because they have connections to fay and are great celebrators and fighters
                              5. Bone Gnawers - Because they represent the underdogs and bring change from the other stand of people that would be most likely to be corrupted.

                              3. Black Furies - While I can understand their cause and think it is important I suffered from those that took it to far (and would be called Feminazis) so I as a player have the opinion, that it is already enough or it will turn to the other point of inequality.
                              2. Silver Fangs - Degenerates from an ended age. Leaders should not be because of Blood but of Skill (and I honestly never really understood the true breed thing)
                              1. Red Talons - They are for me just extremists that because of their blind rage can not see the truth of the actual world

                              As I am from Austria I need to clarify two things.
                              First my native language is german and so please point out if the english I write is broken so I can improve.
                              Second I do not own VTMV nor any line after M20 because it is not out there and I wait for the translation.


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                                1: Silent Striders - I am a sucker for the slightly mysterious lone wanderer.
                                2: Get of Fenris - I am Danish
                                3: Glass Walkers - Not sure why, maybe because they are so different, but I just really like 'em.
                                4: Wendigo, courtesy of Wyld West and a great campaign my wife ran.
                                5: Actually not sure...

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