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Your Favorite Tribes: Which and Why!?

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    Well, this looks like a Resurrection.

    I like all the tribes. think it's not so much 'least favourite tribe' as much as 'Which tribe do you love to hate?"


    1- Get.
    You see these tribes? This one goes to 11. I will out-garou your garou. Tribe members are proven family and everyone else can fuck off. Rage ratings lower than 5 need not apply.
    2 Bone Gnawers
    Capturing the Wyld of the city, class struggle embodyment, Ratkin buddies? Gold (metaphorically, lord knows they don't have any physical gold)
    3- Glass Walkers
    Money, Cybernetics, power armour, 20mm Autocannons; If I didn't imagine half of them with neon hair dye they'd take No.1

    4- Shadow lords
    Smart wolf is best wolf. Calculating characters are fun to play.

    5- BSD
    A film is often carried by the quality of it's villain. BSD's make great villains and there's a lot of room to do what you want with them.

    Love to hate:
    1-Children of Gaia; Tribe hypocrite. Look at how I love the Get, these guys are the opposite. I hope they never change.
    2- Fianna.
    World class bullshitters. Really cool bullshit though.

    3-BF: Bunch of misandrist TERFs. Really cool gifts and mythology. I hope they never change.
    4- Silver fangs:
    Greatest of station eh? Well, who am I to argue with you? look at that splendid coat of yours!

    I got this far and thought it unfair. I love silent striders but at the same time their lack of a home and the fact they don't play great with others hampers them a bit, Stargazers are pulpy fun but they don't carry the core themes well.. Uktena are cool but they're less-cool shadow lords to me. (In some ways they're more cool, but on the whole they're not as good.)

    I think wendigo need work, Red talons could be a lot better (also these two tribes have a few really cool gifts but mostly have mediocrity)

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      I like them all for different reasons. The Silent Striders are probably my favorite because I have a private reason for extreme personal bias. I think if asked to pick three others, they'd be the Shadow Lords (because sometimes ruthless pragmatism is a lot of fun), Glass Walkers (because there are certain personally amusing tropes I can do with them that don't work so well with other tribes), and Fianna (there are certain cultural tropes I enjoy playing around with).

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      Voltaire, "Tolerance" (1764)


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        1)Black Furies.

        2) Older Brother.

        3) Red Talons.

        4) Bone Gnawers.

        5) CoGs.

        Least favs.

        1) Silver Fangs.

        2) Fianna.

        3) Shadow Lords.