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How to issue renown during the game

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    It doesn't have to be, actually.
    Just to build up characters, and a long term story, it is interesting that the PCs, who start out as cliaths, have the higher ranking local garou as well as the global legends like Albrecht.
    While being the protagonists, they aren't necessarily meant to be extraordinary compared to their fellow garou.

    It depends if one wants to establish a feeling of "bearing the weight of the world on their shoulders" - which would be for PCs who have to solve every problem that is, as opposed to "being only a small part in a huge war, winning only small victories" theme. If one aims for the latter, the best way to accomplish this, imo, is to have the NPCs also do stuff, that is referenced to or touched on during the exploits of the PCs. It brings the protagonists more into position with the rest of the world.

    Basically it is employing the "Great Offscreen War" trope or "Cryptic Background Reference" trope.

    Also, the PCs could be only the main characters of a given story (the character through who's eyes we see the story unfold), instead of the protagonists (who works towards the stories goal).

    In any case, each ST has whether he wants character that start at age 17 cliath be elders before they are allowed to by alcohol, or not. If not, there should probably be some downtime and some other character getting Rites of Accopmlishments instead of the PCs, just so the character advancement isn't that quick.


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      Originally posted by erSito View Post
      I'm an experienced GM of Vampire (15+years) but this is the 1st time I'm running a Chronicle of Werewolf. I use 20th rules.

      My question is what system do you use to give Honor/Glory/Wisdom? I'm thinking on either doing it during the game as the action is done or doing it at the end of each game session, together with the XP.

      Have you learn by hart the 3 pages table of renown or you just give renown "as you feel appropriate"? I'm more prone to the latest.

      Any other advices for a rooky Werewolf GM?
      For me i generally use a little note pad by the ST Screen, where i mark down everyone's temp renown as they earn it, but its up to the players to also track what they earn as well.. Cause if they don't fight for it, they don't get it. It gets awarded when they get back 'home' (caern or wherever) and they as per the rules, need a rite to get performed to covert it to perma renown..

      Originally posted by Asmodai View Post
      Also, as someone who runs really long games, I need to warn you that the system as presented in the game is tailored to shorter games. If you run a very long game (my run in 30-60 sessions usually), you may need to increase the amount of renown for rank 3,4,5, as otherwise you might actually have characters going from 1-5 within a year of game time :P
      I usually make it harder and harder to get the 'same renown' the higher they go up. SO if say in session 3 (still rank 1) they killed 2 formori and 3 black spirals and all earned 5 glory and 2 honor, later on when they are all say around rank 3, they would need to kill say 8 formori and 12 BSDs.

      Originally posted by Asmodai View Post
      Being an Elder requires you to be a part of the society for a while. And just because you might have the minimum requirement for the renown does not mean the other Elders will feel that you are ready. I tend to keep my guideline like this - you can get to Rank 2 within the first year of your Werewolfing around. Rank 3 should be within your first three years. Four requires you to be around for 5, and 5 at least 10.

      This benchmark that I've set up for how long it takes you to be recognized is mostly a gut feeling, and it's not supported by the rules. Also, I allow people to sidestep the time limit through truly extraordinary deeds that might endebt the Garou nation or the Fera. This mighthappen only once in their careers, though.
      That's a nice guideline Asmodai.. One of the better ST's i had back in Norfolk did it 2 yrs in game to Rk 2, 4 to Rk 3, 8 to rk 4, and 16 to rk 5 (if you lived)...


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        One of the things I'm doing is Renown/Rank So if the chart says 5 glory and 3 honor, for a cliath, that's what you get. For a fostern you get 3 and 2 (5/2 rounded off and 3/2 rounded off.) Now at Adren it would be 2 and 1.


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          Originally posted by garhkal View Post
          That's a nice guideline Asmodai.. One of the better ST's i had back in Norfolk did it 2 yrs in game to Rk 2, 4 to Rk 3, 8 to rk 4, and 16 to rk 5 (if you lived)...
          Getting to Fostern a year after the Rite of Passage, Adren a couple of years later, Athro within 5 years, and Elder within 10, in my humble opinion, is a very fast pace enjoyed only by the gifted and lucky. Even 2, 4, 8, and 16 years seems kinda fast at the higher ranks, but maybe that's just me expecting there to be very few Elders among the Garou nation, and not many Athro, with the simple majority of the Garou population reaching no higher than Fostern even if they reach the ripe old age of 30. 10-15 years as a Fostern might not be much fun for some players, but if you're going for realism, it's probably not uncommon, because most Garou, just like most wolves and most humans, are not good leaders, and most honestly don't want to be leaders, whereas the senior ranks have to be leaders. I could totally see a character deciding not to take a test for Adren or Athro simply because he believes he's better suited doing what he's already doing at the rank he's already at. Surviving to age 30 (as a homid) may be a feat in itself, but I'd expect a werewolf who's gifted enough to reach Elder should also be gifted enough to survive to age 50 or longer, which is a generation older (among homids) than age 30.

          Another part of the problem with gaining rank beyond Adren is that by Rank 3 you're likely to be assigned a significant sept office, and that tends to keep you in and around the caern most of the time and prevents you from going out adventuring. If your whole pack is Adren or higher, your sept will need to make accommodations for somebody else to take over the pack's sept duties when they go out on a mission or quest. If your sept happens to be nearby lots of threats and enemies, it'll be easier to gain renown in spite of holding a major sept office, but how many caerns have survived over the long term in places like that?