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    Originally posted by Bunyip View Post

    You are correct. Those Archids should have been Saurids. Oops.
    Like I said, that was my only critique on the chapter. -apologetically hangs her head-


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      Necromancer stands over the long dead thread
      "Kanadarak Sessin Diriak jeniat Rakashul narindathul Eritik" pauses for dramatic effect then "Darian Kindathal retsurian diagno indothial" feels power surging through him then

      " Thread that was slain reurn to life!!!"

      ************* *******

      in all seriouness...a few issues Id like to go over again, like resources.

      how to explain their being any poor Dragon Kings?


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        Not every ancient were-saurian was a Dragon King. Can't have a kingdom without lesser nobles, soldiers and peasants.


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          ideas what life at resouces 1-5 will look like?


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            How do you do resources currently? It probably isn't too different. Resources 1 dinosaur people get cramped hovels, crummy but workable tools/weapons, a sparse but steady supply of food. Resources 5+ Dragon Kings get palace fortresses, wondrous items that don't have easy modern analogues, and whatever else they could reasonably want. Everybody with Resources 2-4 gets something in between those extremes.

            Do you have access to Shattered Dreams? It doesn't go into brutal detail but it has enough to get the creative juices flowing.


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              PDF and collectors edition on shelf.


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                oh, after the Mnesis collapsed, any ideas if the Drachid were CAPABLE of creating a written language, or was it something about their brain structure?


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                  I'd rule yes.

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                    to them being capable of it, or it being because of their brain structure?


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                      Being capable of developing written communication.

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                        There was never any need to write things down, so language wasn't invented. There's nothing inherently deficient about the Drachid that prevents them from inventing things when they do need them.

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                          Hmmmn in a game set IN this era, not through its Fall...

                          looks like wars between the empires, are pretty common.

                          any other ideas for conflicts?
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                            Good question! Yes, I definitely think that wars between the Empires would be rather common - just never all-encompassing until the big shebang.

                            Here are some of the other conflicts that I'd put into a Dragon Empires game:

                            - Intra-Empire Politics: whether it's high-level, Game of Thrones / House of Cards-style intrigue, or watching a close-knit group of Imperial Army buddies climb their way up the ladder, I'd personally find that very interesting.

                            - Dino-Hogwarts!: I'd LOVE to delve deeper into the academies, watching Wonder-Workers learn more about the Mnesis itself. Especially with some of the little tidbits that we threw in there about something(s) even Older than them in it...

                            - Exploration: one of my favourite themes in this setting is the idea that the Dragon Kings are the MASTERS of the Mesozoic age. They are exploring the world and making it theirs. They are literally reshaping it into their image. I'd love to see some of things out there that might fight against it, or to see what happens when rival Kings claim the same area and fight over what to do with it.

                            - Proto-Ananasi: I don't have anything else to add to that, really, except it would be AWESOME.

                            - Independents: again, the Empires rolling over smaller villages and fiefdoms is something that would have happened all throughout their history. I'd love to play as independently-Changed Dragon Kings striking out on their own, trying to defend their Clutch from the invading Empires.

                            Any other ideas, anyone? I'd love to hear them, too.

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                              on the academys idea?

                              How sophisticated do you think techniques for instructing Suchid would be?

                              since a lupus garou in modern times, wanting to learn to fit in with Humans only has what instruction his tribe can spare him... Often not much...

                              I think they'd have... well not books, but memory recordings of millenia of research, essays, etc.
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                                Memory 'downloads' would totally be a thing, and speed up learning a LOT. Kinda like 'I know kung-fu...' but with still having to get physical muscle memory in place to act on the mental memory of how to do stuff.

                                I imagine they'd spend a lot of time exploring the Mnesis, constantly innovating ways to shape and improve and make use of it, delving ever further from the 'now' - but it's not time-travel so spending 10 years in Mnesis means they've been gone from the present - meditative? Comatose? Physically gone (my favourite)? - only to come back with a moderately interesting minor fractal is possibly not worth the investment. Instead, I'd make those lengthy journeys much more like, say, Marco Polo journeying to China and back - takes a long time, but the wealth of knowledge AND riches (and fame, renown, etc) makes it worthwhile. Like, anyone could weave a glamorous hut to dwell in, but the 'greatest' return with scintillating rainbow palaces for them and their whole families. How many 'lost continents' of today are the mnetic remnants of the bright wonders of the Dragon Kings pulled and shaped and wrought from dreams and memory, of such magnificence that even after 70 million years they are not completely gone?

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