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The Far Off Shores and the Afterworlds

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  • The Far Off Shores and the Afterworlds

    Just started reading through Wraith for the first time, so this is probably going to be the first of many questions.

    The Far Off Shores are meant to be aspects of believed forms of Heaven and Hell, as well as all the other types. One shore may have Dante's Inferno, another might have Valhalla, yet another might have Hades, and yet another may contain a form of Nirvana. That's how I've come to understand it anyway. I've only read down to page 48 of 2nd ed core at the time of writing.

    This sort of reminds me of the Afterworlds of the Astral Realm detailed in Book of Worlds. So I started wondering if perhaps these two places were one and the same. Perhaps what Mages call the Afterworlds is merely their interpretation of the Far Off Shores experienced by Wraiths, and from the Wraith's perspective these are all disparate islands with no real connection to one another, while the Mage sees them as more of an interconnected system of beliefs linked via the neural network of ideas within the Astral Realm.

    If this was the case then the High Umbra has more or less a direct connection withe the Low Umbra (a concept which isn't exactly unusual). But it made me wonder, does this mean there is a "back door" to entry to the Dark Umbra that can get around the need to perform the Aghama Sojourn?
    Does this also mean that a Wraith who makes their way to the shores may find some kine of "back route" out and end up somewhere in the Astral Realm?

    How would a Wraith in the Astral Realm subsist? In what direction would their fetters pull them, for example?

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    No. The 'afterlives' of the Astral Umbra are just similar. All the Umbrae have elements of repetition and redundancy.


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      My interpretation is that the Astral Realms contain the Overworlds of the various pantheons, while the Dark Umbra of Wraith contains the Underworlds (Duat, Hades, etc.).

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        It is possible the Far Shores and Afterworlds are the same, but that it is possible to get to them via two different routes. It wouldn't be that the Far Shores are in the Astral or Afterworlds in the Dark Umbra; they are what they are (perhaps a kind of Zone), but can be reached by both. It could be like the Dream Zone which touches a lot of different Umbras. Clarity for the purposes of making players understand the game setting is not the same as hard metaphysical rules of the Umbra.

        Or they could just be different representations like adambeyoncelowe said.

        Whatever works best for you.