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  • Returning to Life

    In VtM, the Followers of Set have a Setite Sorcery Path (Ushbati) whose fifth level allows them to permanently create a living body that a willing spirit (including Wraiths) may enter and return to life (the power only requires two blood pool, two points of Willpower, and an hour of molding wax, so it is relatively easy). There is some disagreement about whether the Wraith would return as a living Risen, a mortal Sorcerer whose Arcanoi transform into the equivalent Hedge Magic Path, or a normal mortal with a strange backstory, but the rules are pretty clear that the power allows Wraiths to return to life. I was wondering what everyone thinks that the average Wraith would be willing to do to return to life, even if they would only become a mortal with a strange backstory?

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    Do you have a page reference? I would need to check the wording. Risen or something akin to a Kuei-jin would make sense. Or perhaps even a mummy.


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      Blood Sacrifice: The Thaumaturgy Companion, p. 28, under the Gift of Khnum.