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  • Picturing the Tempest

    Everyone seems to have their own vision of what the Tempest looks like. The books themselves only use brief descriptions mostly consisting of storm and wave metaphors, and that's likely intentional. Over the years I've found that everyone has their own way of looking at the great storm, and most of them are goldmines for majestic and horror-filled imagery. So how do you imagine that perpetual storm?

    For my own part, I tend to think of it as an seething mass of approaching thunderheads, although touched with angry purples and reds. Dark lightning and scouring rains of strange debris are a constant threat and empty phantoms and vicious spectres can wail by without warning. The roiling seas sometimes manifest as a surface that throws the characters around, or crashing waves that try to knock them off the slick stones they are walking on. But most often they manifest far above the characters as crashing waves seen from below as the characters swim or run through the hurricane winds.

    Mage: The Ice-ension: An Epic Game of Reality on the Rink

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    I always saw it as a dark liquid, like oil, with the consistency of honey, very hard to travel, with whirlmpools of pure black nothinhness dragging to the labyrinth, just black holes sucking things, sometimes those holes transpass the borders of the tempest and rise above the "atmosphere", with hurricanes made of this liquid (so, hurricanes not of air, but a liquid with honey-like consistency), and in this thing, several specters "surf"

    I just can't imagine any color in the Low Umbra... I've always depict that world as an endless shade of Gray... With a few parts of absolute darkness