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    Originally posted by Killerclown View Post

    ​Perhaps most people think Heartbreak Road is just a urban legend and all the deaths are just a coincidence? Also, what supernatural would really investigate a Urban Legend that seems to be true? What do you think of the whole James Dean feel my character has?
    If that's what you want to play, sure... I wouldn't have a problem with this character in my game at all. I would probably bat an eye if someone wanted to actually play James Dean as a wraith, but even that might be workable with the right amount of work, so no worries with just referencing the archetype, which is more his movies than his life (though there is crossover in any case). But, having said that, I would imagine he would lean Renegade. I just can't see this sort of James Dean as jumping into bed with the Man. (Not that, depending on the Necropolis, a low grade Renegade can't have a friend in the Hierarchy... especially if his Reaper was the (M)mentorly sort - which it seems he was, since he didn't just shackle the character and sell him off.)

    If lots of people are dying on that road, it's either bad design, design making the best of a bad situation (as in, a road needs to go here, but there is no way to make it safe.... or there is but the users ignore it, like posting the speed limit at 15 mph), OR, there's a supernatural reason (a very angry wraith, a specter that can reach into the Skinlands... so powerful, something from another gameline like a Bane or the like) I know which one of those sounds the most interesting... Hell, that sounds like a decent reason for a circle of wraiths. All victims of the same road. They share it as a Fetter and all gain some Memorium from it.

    As for his mechanical aptitude... If he has modern Inhabit and is more on the Renegade side of things, making an object do what it's supposed to do (like, say, a car going places) should be something he can do. It wouldn't have a driver, so it's a violation of the Dictum, but... it might be VERY useful. He Inhabits an old junker and acts as a wraith cabbie or deliveryman. Want your Fetter moved? Well we got a guy with decent Puppetry and I have Inhabited this car....

    This guy's been dead a decent amount of time, so he's been doing SOMETHING.


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      What Ajax said.

      Also, is there a canon limit to how long someone can stay in a caul? I seem to remember a few people using ''wasn't reaped for several decades' as a way of playing older Wraiths back in the day. Might have been a houserule, though.

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