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Using Wraiths in Crossover Games

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  • Using Wraiths in Crossover Games

    I was wondering about the experiences that people had concerning using Wraiths in crossover games? While they have difficulty working in the Skinlands, Kindred have powers (Necromancy and Setite Sorcery) that can give Wraiths temporary or even permanent bodies. In Changeling, Wraiths can enter the Dreaming, so they can suddenly find themselves in a world of wonder and would probably have no desire to return to the Dark Umbra. Have you seen any interesting ways that Wraiths can work in crossover games?

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    Wraiths are great spies, you can find them by the thousands on cities, their arcanoi are not overpowered, but at the same time are not insignificant, and the most powerful of them can have a great amount of powers. What's more, many splats are ill equiped to properly deal with them. And, wraiths always have a good tale to tell. To help the dead and make agreements with them, is a great source of power to any group. Plus, helping the dead usually helps restore balance to an area. The tales of the dead can also bring a lot of wisdom - the vampiric Prince that drank you empt, the sacrifice performed by the barrabbi nefandus, the werewolf brute that dismembered an entire family, the thugs that terrorize a neighborhood... All those stories may have a relevance for one of the nightfolk.

    You can try to enslave the dead to do your bidding, or you can try forging alliances, both approaches will give different pros and cons, but whatever it is, wraiths are a source of power for those who know how to use them


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      On the other hand, wraiths that try to have too much to do with the living might end up disappearing - Dictum Mortuum, and all that. I suppose they could do something drastic to a being that imprisons ghosts, too; that's their future darksteel/white jade supply that you're threatening!


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        We've been including wraiths in my current Mage game very successfully. One of the characters has the Dark Umbra as his vidare and we've had one set of adventures where he interacted heavily with Heretic cult and with Hierarchy in the same (minor) Necropolis. He gained the assistance of the Heretics as back-up in a negotiation with the local changelings by providing them with a very nice Haunt and was able to work with the local Hierarchy to contain the power of a magical tome of necromancy (which tome, incidentally, assisted in him being able to insure that he could provide the Heretics with the Haunt... ) They are keeping his assistance on the DL in their reports to Stygia. Which is probably going to work out since Stygia isn't going to look too deeply in getting one of the books on their "list" of necessary acquisitions.

        They also have a questionable ally in an unaligned wraith who has a Haunt out in the boonies who is now associated with two wraiths that are genuine allies. One is one of the character's "Ghostly Companion" - his former love he left 100+ years in the past (he's an unwilling time traveler).... now they are re-united, sorta,in creepy but romantic way... She has some mad skills with Phantasm, so they have an uncomfortably intimate dream romance going). The other is the half-brother of the other character and is very skilled with Argos with a rather cool artifact (he ends up acting as her taxi service).

        We haven't had any problems with wraiths. They have been amazingly useful. Very much so when the characters are all decades out of their own times and most of the people in their backstories are dead.


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          Oh yes, lets not forget about the specters too!!! Specters are wounderful, terrible foes. Those things are what I consider the closer to TRUE demons in the cWoD. They can have a HUGE impact on crossovers (and they can be a MAJOR source of problems for the other splats with wraiths).

          And the Malfeans... Oh, the sweet, mindblowing mighty Malfeans!!! Now, those are the guys that are so SWEET to place on a game!!! First of all, Malfeans can have connections with the biggest baddest on any splat - Baali vampires, Nefandi Mages, Black Spirals... Or just mad mortal cultists and crazy infernalists. Malfeans are great plot devices. Not to mention that some arrogant groups can try to pet-enslave one of those from time to time (like technocrats or Giovannis). Malfeans are great foes to anyone, and even being only the "sleeping master" of some minor cultist, they are a fearsome force, and great as plot devices