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Noob requiring help creating an NPC wraith pls

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  • Noob requiring help creating an NPC wraith pls


    I'm running a dark ages vamp game & am looking to create an NPC wraith that haunts a PC.

    I've discussed the wraiths history a bit in this thread.

    I'm pretty clueless of wraith. Can anyone point me to some pre-generated NPC's or assist with a quick gen?
    What sort of abilities would be best etc?

    Many thanks

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    Pretty much anyone from the dark ages can be a wraith. You can have them be a Roman centurion, A Viking bard, a lost child, anything you want.
    Just think about who they where when they were alive, how they died, and what keeps them around.
    Think also about the darker aspect of their personality and what kind of archetype that would be. This will be the wraith's shadow, and if the Wraith goes down, their Shadow will take over.

    If it's an NPC, then you don't really need to have them be fully statted playable characters.
    What purpose do you need them to serve in your chronicle?

    If they are supposed to be an antagonist, for instance, then all you need are the Arcanoi (powers) they have and how they would use them to further their own goals, the fetters (objects that keep the wraith anchored to the real world) they have and how your players could exploit this for leverage or even to defeat them. But also, about the difference between the Wraith and their Shadow, since the Shadow will take over if the Wraith loses all it's Corpus (Dead Health Levels)

    Fight wise, Wraith's tend to only take 1 point of Corpus damage for any attack made in the physical world against them, they then become incorporeal for a while. Like Vampire's they can heal this with Pathos (essentialy a Wraith's mana pool). Running out of Corpus means a Wraith dissapears for a while, and may come back as its Shadow, who can do much nastier things.
    Also, if a Wraith does nasty things then the Shadow may take over a little sooner.

    If it's supposed to be someone to bargain with, then ensuring the Wraith doesn't indulge in its Shadow's desire will be paramount to a successful plan. The moment the shadow takes over is the moment everything falls apart. The Players will have to be careful with what they request the wraith do for them. Anything that fulfills the wraith's darker passions, such as revenge, wrath, envy, whatever, will give their shadow strength, as will using arcanoi for particularly painful purposes.

    If it's meant to be for exposition, then when what the wraith was doing when it was alive, and how the wraith died would be more pertinent, as well as whether or not it stuck around in the material realm or stayed with the dead most of it's life.

    Unless you want to have your players walk around the shadowlands, there's no need to bring Stygian politics into this. So don't worry about Legions, Heretics, Guilds, or any of that extra complication. Just focus on the basics:
    - How did they live?
    - How did they die?
    - Why are they still around?
    - What can they do?
    - what is their shadow like?

    That should be plenty for an NPC in another game.

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