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Shadowlands and the memory of a Fallen fortress

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  • Shadowlands and the memory of a Fallen fortress

    It is known that during their thousand years war against God, Lucifer's rebels built some impressive fortresses over the face of Earth. My question is, would it be possible to any of those fortresses to survive within the Underworld, as a "memory", like the city of Enoch did?

    If yes, where should it be located? Suppose the demons had a fortress built over what is now South Dakota. So, if this fortress survived as a memory, could a Wraith travel to such a place from one of the Necropoli of South Dakota Shadowlands? Or should such a place be located within the Tempest?

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    I don't see why not...unless the angels loyal to God made sure that such memories perished with the structure (something entirely under the power of the Host)-still, even when such an action does make sense, some fortresses survived the ire of the host in the material realm, maybe some were destroyed, but survived in the shadowlad for similar reasons

    This place would be OLD, and almost surely in the Tempest, I think (just like Enoch).


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      Thanks for the answer!


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        Demon lore is not my strong suit, but didn't that war take place across most levels of reality. Assuming the Underworld existed then (I know humans were subjected to death at the beginning of the conflict, I don't know if the sundering happened until later) some of the Fortresses would have been built there.

        Most of them would have fallen during the war or its immediate aftermath, and left nothing but fragments behind. Few of those which lasted, or whose memories lasted would have survived the time since. I wouldn't expect to see any in the Shadowlands. They would have either faded from memory or been scavenged by the various Dark Kingdoms. Most of what's left would be in Stygia, it's counterparts, or incorporated into the Labyrinth.

        That said, I wouldn't be surprised if a few complete fortresses existed in the Tempest, most likely maintained by a powerful being like a Ferryman or a Shining One. Indeed you could have the Far Shores themselves be remnants of those fortresses. It's quite possible the renegade Angels would have tried to set something up to help human souls move on, after all.

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          Right now I'm STing VtM (V20) and writing a "Wild West" Wraith (Ghost Towns, but without fur balls) chronicle for late summer. The idea is to have the gang of wraith "desperados" discovering the ruins of a fallen fortress. I'm not sure where it should be. Probably within the Tempest. Also, they should discover some sort of "supernatural resource" there, something the Stygia wants to acquire (and then I have to ask, what kind of treasure you could scavenge for within the Tempest?).

          The second arch of such chronicle would start some years later, maybe in the beginning of the 20th Century. By now Stygia conquered the place, or it is under control of renegades, heretics or any other faction.


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            The Underworld would have been around for at least part of the War. Per Demon's cosmology, the Alabaster Legion actually created the Underworld (Haven) as a means to "protect" human souls from their mysterious fate after death, after the destruction of their original city of the dead. So it would be very reasonable, I think, for a particularly powerful Fallen City to have an echo within the Underworld. Heck, you could even have the city created within the Underworld itself, if you wanted.


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              I'm not a huge fan of DtF, but the idea of Wraith characters discovering the [mostly intact?] ruins of an angelic [or demonic?] fortress sounds really fucking cool. Run with the awesome, mythoi be damned!
              Also, I'd solicit the resident DtF aficionado, Crowley , for DtF to WtO advice.

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                My Demon memories are vague, but I definitely think I remember in the Demon fiction that the remains of a fortress from the War was recognized by one of the protagonists. But it wasn't in the Shadowlands. It was more like being to trace the remains in the geography of an area on Earth.

                But, what with Charon and the Reapers building the Underworld specifically for the souls of humans, there could be the remains of a fortress virtually ANYWHERE. In fact, significant aspects of the Underworld could be the remnants of angelic architecture. The River of Death? That's a portion of a moat....
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                  Originally posted by Ajax View Post
                  . In fact, significant aspects of the Underworld could be the remnants of angelic architecture. The River of Death? That's a portion of a moat....
                  That's great!


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                    Originally posted by Nazfool View Post
                    I'm not a huge fan of DtF, but the idea of Wraith characters discovering the [mostly intact?] ruins of an angelic [or demonic?] fortress sounds really fucking cool. Run with the awesome, mythoi be damned!
                    Also, I'd solicit the resident DtF aficionado, Crowley , for DtF to WtO advice.
                    WHO HAS SUMMON THY?! WHO HAS OPENED THE GATES OF THE ABYSSM! FOR I AM THE SHADOW OUT OF TIME, THE LONELY GOD I AM!..oh...Hay Nazfool. giveme 2 secs and ill read the thread and give my two cents

                    OK, Heres my two oboli.

                    There were several minor fortresses or Recon stations if you preffer during the Final Days of the war and during the whole Great Experiment made by Lucifer.

                    NOW. On the original canon of the game, IF i bad don't remember (i can do a double check later on) the Great Dark Cathedral where lucifer does his final meeting (Gennihom IF i bad don't remember) Shows up in L.A.

                    That being said, And considering that The Halaku's (Slayers) Original intention on The Underworld and Stygia was a place of safe keeping human souls away from God...

                    I can totally see it happening. But with a few distinctions.
                    As a rule of thumb, the constructions needed to be destroyed in order to show up in stygia. right?.

                    Well....this...ones were mostly forgotten so....they would be within the boundries of The Laberyth.

                    Second: As how demon shows it, Stygia was a beautiful place to store human souls and to allow them to reencarnate (opposite from what God wanted)..I belive that the torment of human's colective soul turned the underworld in the nightmare fuel that is right now. RDG mentioned that some of the most Old inhabitants REMEMBER this.

                    So with that being said, I WOUDN'T BE SURPRISED if there were remnants of temples to the Dark Gods (The Earthbounds) or Hell (not literally) Freaking Noah's Ark among other things.

                    I always had this theory that the spiral that goes down into The GrandMaw is ACTUALLY a upside down version of Lucifer's Great Experiment (The Tower of Babel).
                    So there's that.

                    Now, the interesting bit is that the construction is Mainly Angelic made By the Slayers, some from BEFORE they fell and others during the Fall.
                    Now this might sound as jumping the shark BUUUUT, i woudnt be surprised if members of the original Black hand were trying to find Ennochian Artifacts (since they pre-date Cain and Abel)

                    So yeah, i belive that in the most twisted areas of The Underworld one could find
                    Ancient temples to earthbounds
                    Biblical Relics
                    Garden of Eden (but corrupted and twisted)

                    Those places would be heavily secured within the tempest or the laberyth itself since they represent secrets that some might not want to be

                    I feel like the Ferryman would even feel uncomftable if someone asked about such places

                    Do they have a physical reflection? Yyyyyeahhhhhsortofkindofmaybe? im marrying the bible here BUT, Genhinnom shows up in L.A according to Demon the Fallen during the Armageddon/Apocalypse ( i like the name apocalypse better). Before Lucifer shows up during the end of times, Genhinnom should be right in Iraq.

                    The Grandfather mountain could perfectly be in Asia OR even be Sinai Mountain (Which would be an interesting plot twist)

                    Kasdeja was a blueprint of Stygia and Haven so, it should be the laberyth itself or its own realm within the laberyth.....OR... be hidden within Charon's Fortress or the Lady of Secrets might know about it

                    So yeah, those are my two screaming shrieking oboli (Also, in my game of Wraith theres souls of babies who were turn into oboli...because Nightmarefuel )

                    I Hope this helped out, Crowley Signing off!

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