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Your preferred wraith and Shadow powers

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  • Your preferred wraith and Shadow powers

    I suppose this discussion might be somewhat premature (or obsolete, depending how you look at it) since it seems WtO20 is going to apply some serious (and welcome) mechanical overhaul to many parts of the system, including Arcanoi, but I'm just curious. I wish to know what are your preferred and least liked Arcanoi for your characters to deal with issues such as crossing the Shroud, exercising one's influence in the Skinlands, combat (with other wraiths, Spectres, or other supernaturals), mental manipulation, caring for one's Fetters, dealing with one's Shadow, or keeping Spectres at bay. In the same line of reasoning, I'm also curious to know what are your most and least preferred Thorns.

    Just please assume for the purpose of this discussion cultural backgrounds of characters have no relevance whatsoever as it concerns access of wraiths to Arcanoi and Shadows to Thorns. Pretty much any wraith character of any cultural background can develop and master any Arcanos from any Underworld source they are interested or talented in with sufficient effort, be it from individual experimentation and rediscovery, spontaneous manifestation, tracking down a mentor, or making questionable deals with Shadows and Spectres. Pretty much the same way, any Shadow from any cultural background can develop any Thorn from any Underworld source if it looks appropriate for the concept.