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  • Ghosts and water

    Should be a simple question, but I can't remember for the life of me. What happens when an incorporeal entity comes in contact with a body of water in the skinlands ? Do they swim through it? Do they walk on it? Or is it "as ephemeral as air", to quote Soul Reaver?

    For example, a wraith is wandering the skinlands, and wanders into a swimming pool.

    Thanks in advance!

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    According to Blood-Dimmed Tides, water is normally a solid to wraiths, allowing them to walk on it. They can choose to swim for a number of turns equal to their Stamina by spending a level of Corpus. If they have the Merit Drowned, they can spend a prolonged period of time underwater, depending on the Merit's level.

    Scion 2E: What We Know - A wiki compiling info on second edition Scion.


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      Drowned is one of those Merits that I think costs too much for its benefits. I think that it should be just 1 point to allow unlimited access to the depths.


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        If you ask my opinion Drowned is good for what it does but rather overpriced and unreasonable in asking death by drowning as a strict prerequisite. Since a great deal of what wraith can be and do is established by their self-image, I think it is perfectly reasonable to allow a character to have this Merit if say they were seriously interested in swimming, SCUBA, or anything sea-related in life, even if they died in a wholly different way.
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