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  • Orpheus Spectre 'Health'

    So, I understand that in the Orpheus game line bashing removes one 'vitality' and lethal removes two. PCs have the option to tap Spite or a Spite Rating to get back Vitality. In the case of Spectres I am having trouble figuring out if they have more than willpower points and thievery to 'heal' with. Can they somehow tap their Spite to regain it as well? Sounds weird.

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    Very weird, and I'd hesitate to give Spectre's an infinite pool of power to play with, which is how letting them tap Spite would play out.

    Considering the mentality and modus operandi of the Spectres, though, it actually makes sense that they wouldn't put as much emphasis on self preservation. It's entirely reasonable that they have a harder time healing.

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      Spectres don't tap Spite the same way non-Spectres do. When a Spectre takes damage or taps Spite, the points are effectively "spent" for the scene. The downside to this is that they don't have as big a "health" pool to play with (but I've found that to be a good thing---with Willpower to refresh their Spite, the PCs already have a LOT of health to burn through to destroy a Spectre). There's a big advantage to this, however: The Spectre regains *all* of their Spite when the scene is finished. So, a nearly-defeated Spectre who escapes can quickly return, fully healed (less any Willpower they expended).

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