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Prestige, Allies Thorns and Fronds.

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  • Prestige, Allies Thorns and Fronds.

    A few Questions on these

    Ways to justify them being developed without "Shadow Life/Psyche Independence"

    Way to keep "Prestige" and Allies separate, as Allies, denotes an individual you are close to?

    Ideas on how your shadows Spectre allies can act beyond trying to raise your angst?

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    There are a couple of ways of distinguishing Spectral Prestige and Spectral Allies. For instance Spectres and Prestige represents how well known the Shadow is in general. You can also think of Prestige as how much Spectres respect the Shadow; Allies may be more likely to aid it but they do things their own way and not the Shadow's. If the Shadow wants a lot of input into how things go down, it needs Prestige.

    Also, don't think of Shadows and Spectres as trying to raise their Angst. Few Wraiths exist just to harvest Pathos, they harvest Pathos in order to fulfill their drives and Passions. Shadows are the same way. They have Dark Passions they want to pursue and those may or may not have anything to do with the Psyche.

    But even beyond that Angst isn't just a color swapped version of Pathos. Angst hurts. It's vile, nasty, painful, and it reminds you of everything wrong about you. It is a vicious cycle of expecting the worst and hating yourself for it. I would go so far as to say that most Spectres hate gaining Angst, and the idea that they have to feel it while other ghosts don't is maddening. So they lash out because if they have to suffer than others will suffer. Or out of fear that they don't have to feel that Angst at all; that they are bringing it on themselves. Or to make others admit that they are right.

    All of these things do spread Angst, yes, but the reasons are much more complex.

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      Hmmmn what can a Necropolis do if they capture a spectre who's psyche has 4 or 5 dots of Wraith Prestige, who they thefore are somewhat hesitant about smelting?

      giftwrap him to a group of well armed pardoners, for experimentation in spectre redemption? or just keep him imprisoned?

      Also about what you say on Angst, always get impression a Spectre fears gaining composure

      Because it causes them to feel remorse and guilt.
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        If the Martyr Knights exist anywhere nearby and they know about this Spectre, there's a good chance they will requisition it for their experiments into Spectral Redemption. Also, if he happens to know some very important piece of knowledge or skill the Necropolis might keep him around just in case. In most cases, though, I think the Hierarchy would rather smelt the poor bastard rather than risk him strengthening Oblivion.

        As for composure I think you are exactly right about why Spectres fear it. The remorse and guilt, yes, and also the way it reveals the lies they tell themselves. What's worse than destroying someone you love because they betrayed you? Finding out they didn't.

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          Oh ideas on hhow a spectres gains the wraith prestige, or allies Frond?

          if he doesnt have the Psyche independence Frond??

          some pardoners managed to strike up a convo?
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