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Orpheus: Handling Dead Eyes with Projectors

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  • Orpheus: Handling Dead Eyes with Projectors

    How do all of you handle the power Dead Eyes in your Orpheus game? The text states that it applies to all spooks, but I have heard some people claim it applies to Projectors while in their bodies. Personally, I state that you only have Dead Eyes while out of your body, unless a character wants to purchase a merit where they can see and interact with ghosts. I would still make them spend a willpower point for it to last a scene.

    Has anyone out there done anything different or have other opinions?

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    We've handled it as an always-on thing when one is in their proto-corpse. Projecting really isn't something to take lightly - it alters you, forever. Once you've stepped over the threshold, there's no going back; you are of the dead, now. Have fun, Sleepers!

    It's been a long time since I've read over the power, but it seems a little odd to set it out and then have it only apply to ghosts - surely they don't need a specified trick to see themselves?


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      I don't have my books on hand to check, but I'm inclined to say Projectors have it all the time. That gives Sleepers a way to contribute even during storylines where they don't have access to pods. Plus, it gives you as the ST more options to screw with the characters as they try to deal with living world issues.

      However you handle it, just make sure you keep that in mind if you run the siege in Crusade of Ashes. It is specifically stated that the facility would weather the assault much better if the Kirlian camera system had been installed, so advance notice would make a big difference. If a random Sleeper or Skimmer taking a light jog around the complex could accomplish the same thing I would expect the attackers to have a plan to deal with that (shouldn't be too tricky, really).

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