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    Would my character find themselves in based on the following circumstances of their death: having been falsely imprisoned for the type of crime that would make even a hardened criminal sick to their stomach, and with no prospect of parole and being abandoned by everyone he loved, he ultimately became suicidal. Now, on the date that he was due to carry out the act, several of his fellow prisoners would gang up on him and ultimately beat and shank him to death. Now then, a violent death would land him within the Grim Legion, but given that he had completely given up on life, he wanted to die anyways, that sentiment could land him in the Silent Legion...unless there's something else that I've missed.

    What do you guys think?

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    Hm. He's one of those I think both could lay a claim to - his life was ended by violence, but ended in despair. It's worth considering whether he primarily wants revenge for what happened to him, which would make him a good fit for the Grim, or whether he's more interested in dealing with the fact everything still isn't over, in engaging with his issues, which would direct him towards the Silent.

    If he allowed himself to be killed, that'd pretty much push him to the Silent.

    If the other two couldn't decide, he might go to the Paupers.

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      Since he was put in the position of being both suicidal and murdered by being framed, then the desire to find out who set him up in the first place could easily qualify him for the Beggar's Legion. (There is president for this sort of thing; Gen. Patton's write up in Hierarchy mentions his joining the Beggar's Legion because of the questions surrounding the auto accident which lead to his death.)

      He may also qualify for the Penitent Legion, given his broken mental state upon death and, arguably, the twin insanities of the corruption of the justice system and savagery of prison culture.

      And, depending on ultimate circumstances behind his death, the fall out if his death and if public discovery of his being innocent would impact society, and the irony of being murdered the day you decide to kill yourself may all potentially qualify him for the Legion of Fate.
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        I could see Grim, Silent, or Pauper. It really all comes down to who offers the best bribe to the character’s Reaper.

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          What everyone else said. If it were me, I'd have my character yoinked into the Paupers because the whiny Beggar Lord is easily the most interesting Deathlord. But yes, as others have said, consider what kind of personal quest your character could go on, which could be supported with Legion resources. Revenge? Then he should hope to land with the Grim. Transcendence or moving on from what happened? Silent. Investigating circumstances of death? Pauper.

          Might also be interesting to land in the "wrong" legion and take the initiative to switch legions, or be stolen by a recruiter after being offered the resources and access that better suit him.


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            There's a lot of leeway here. Most important of all: which Legion do you *want* him to be a part of?