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    pg. 44: "The two main classes of items in the Underworld are relics and Artifacts. relics come from the Skinlands." Change period to comma.

    pg. 47: "the chains weree long since repurposed" Change "weree" to "were."

    pg. 47: "In a few instances. coffles of thralls have worked together" Change period to comma.

    pg. 50: "It is the capital of Charon’s venerable empire and it is the place to see and be seen among the dead." Insert comma between "empire" and "and."

    pg. 51: "Students of history will constantly find marvels here, that is, if they’re not run over by foot traffic while they gawk." Change the first comma to a period or a semi-colon.

    pg. 61: "A Necropolis is the standard term for a Hierarchy outpost in the Shadowlands. usually overlaying some mortal city or other." Change period to comma.

    pg. 63: "the days of the Paris Commune having set up an alternative Necropolis" Insert comma between "Commune" and "having." Change "having" to "have."

    pg. 66: "Some are cults are personality" Change second "are" to "of."

    pg. 67: "Those who had once been Fishers, leading the questing Restless across the Sea of Shadows became outlawed" Insert comma between "Shadows" and "became."

    pg. 71: "even if the long-term consequences not" Insert "are" between "consequences" and "not."

    pg. 153: Bold "System:"

    pg. 227-228: Is the Grand High Oracle Serena or Selena? Both are used.

    pg. 170: Bold "System:" under Render Relic.

    pg. 374: Delete tab before "modifications below."

    pg. 425: "mother-of-pearl inlay in the oak handle. appears fairly innocuous." Change period to comma.

    pg. 435: "Regardless of the family’s focus, wraiths still address each other using familial terms (e.g. aunt, older brother, younger cousin, grandmother.)" Put closing period after parenthesis.

    pg. 440: "Many skilled wraiths with talents in Arcanoi usually only found in the Jade kingdom" Capitalize "kingdom."

    pg. 457: "Others of Les Imvisibles make the journey" Change "Imvisibles" to "Invisibles."

    pg. 457: "Les lnvisibles: The term Creole wraiths use to describe themselves." Hard to see due to the font, but the capital "eye" in "Invisibles" is actually a lowercase "ell." Change to capital "eye."


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      I feel like there is quite a bit missing from Chapter 2. Starting at page 25 we begin a discussion of the geography of the underworld: The Skinlands, The Shroud and the Fog, The Underworld (in broadest terms) and where I would expect the text to start talking about specific things in the underworld like The Shadowlands, The Tempest, The Sunless Sea, The Far Shores, etc. Instead, it starts talking about Oblivion, and then the History of the Underworld. Almost like it skipped to the middle of the proverbial onion.

      I have looked elsewhere for the section detailing these locations and I cannot find it anywhere... which makes me think that this section was omitted by mistake.
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        p91: "The once exception to Stygia’s laissez-faire approach on Guilds is the case of the so-called Forbidden Guilds." once = one


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          p19: Really confusing Underworld geography. So: "Howling beneath the placid surface of the waters is the Tempest, the eternal storm..." What waters? The only body of water mentioned in that section is the Sunless Sea: "Sitting across the Underworld from Stygia, the Far Shores are an endless archipelago of islands in the Sunless Sea." Those can't be the waters in question because that would imply that Stygia and the Far Shores are above the Tempest, and Stygia clearly isn't. From the same section: "Rare islands if stability exist within the endless winds; Stygia is built on one, and other Dark Kingdoms are known to stand against the storm as well."

          p26: "Children and animals in particular are immune to its effects... Cats in particular are known for watching wraiths..."

          Also p26: The first line of the section The Shroud and the Fog: "The realms of the dead are collectively known as the Underworld..." The first line of the very next section: "The Underworld is the collective term for all the realms of the dead." It's redundant to say the same thing twice on the same page.

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            deleted. I misread.
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              I legitimately can't tell if this is a mistake or intentional.

              p35: The Great Evacuation. Charon exiled all the Shining Ones from Stygia before he ever found out they were corrupt. It might be that this section was supposed to refer to the Fishers and not the Shining Ones. It might be that this section was supposed to come after he found out what was going on in the Far Shores. Or it might be that this was intentional and Charon was taking out his anger at the Fishers on all those from the Far Shores. Not sure which so I'm flagging it.

              Also, point of clarification, errata wise does it matter if a sidebar appears a page early? Like how the Doomslayer sidebar appears on pg 39 and Doomslayers aren't mentioned until pg 40?

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                [page 148] For any common art, Guild instruction takes one consecutive day per dot of the art’s rating, and the art’s experience point cost is reduced to current rating x2 experience (or a flat 5 experience for a new Arcanos). See p. 301 for the character-development rules.

                [page 303] Having a Mentor versed in the relevant Arcanos is useful, however, as is a membership in the appropriate Guild. If conditions permit, the player may roll the relevant Background rating when trying to learn a new Arcanos (difficulty 6). Each success reduces the experience-point cost of the Arcanos by one, to a minimum of one.

                Is it a divergence in the rules or is it just my impression?


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                  p161 "If the target was willing, she loses 1 temporary Willpower and the Proctor’s Shadow gains 1 Angst."

                  I'm going to assume this was supposed to be "temporary angst"


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                    This isn't really an erratum, but...the arcanoi each have the guild name, but are sorted by arcanos name, and there's no place that really prominently lists the arcanos name at any kind of header level.


                    • p.44 - Relics and Artifacts: "Anything that comes out of the forges is a considered an Artifact" (correct is "is considered an Artifact")


                      • p.49 - Catharsis and Harrowing - Far worse than a bout of Catharsis is a Harrowing. (a bout is splited)


                        • Originally posted by gothmate View Post
                          p.49 - Catharsis and Harrowing - Far worse than a bout of Catharsis is a Harrowing. (a bout is splited)

                          1. A period of something, usually painful or unpleasant. A bout of drought.

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                          • P. 68 “All of these horrors are woven into the fabric the Hierarchy...”

                            Insert “of” in between “fabric” and “the”.


                            • P. 103 Thorns and Troupe are listed under Gaming Terms, while all other Wraith specific terms are under Wraith Terms. Demeanor, Nature, and Willpower are under Wraith Terms, while all other terms common to the Storyteller games are under Gaming Terms.


                              • Page 420 of the PDF file:Maleficence 4 Empower: "Spend 1 Angst and 1 Willpower to trigger this art, plus 5 additional Angst points for each dot of the Dark Arcanos power you wish to bestow (bestowing a basic ability costs 3 Angst points)."

                                20th Edition removed basic abilities from Arcanoi. Recommend deleting everything in parenthesis.