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    As far as Thorns (and other related elements of Shadow creation) go, I have my definite preferences. I greatly fancy powers that allow the Shadow to play the role of Faustian trader besides the use of Shadow Dice, or be an alternate personality or doppelganger of the wraith that may be active and have its own quasi-Spectre 'life', during and besides the occasional bout of Catharsis. So I'm rather fond of Shadow Traits, Pact of Doom, Shadowed Face, Shadowplay, Shadow Life, and Manifestation. I'd use them a lot of the time, unless the character concept is really contrary to their presence. For similar reasons, I also like Shadow Familiar and Tainted Relic on paper, although I tend to find them less appealing and useful in practice than the above.

    I'm neutral about Thorns that let the Shadow deal with other Shadows or Spectres (I especially fancy their use when the Shadow is in control), or have social effects, such as Spectre Prestige, Dark Allies, Death's Sigil, Aura of Corruption, Mirror, Mirror, Shadow Call, and Whispers. These I'd use or not, as concept and circumstances dictate.

    I strongly dislike Thorns that only have use to ruin the wraith's life, force them to do something, or provide yet more sources of Angst. If you ask my opinion, the Shadow already has more than enough opportunities to reap Angst from Dark Passions, Shadow Dice/Shadowplay, and Angst-generating Arcanoi, anything more is overkill. So I have little sympathy for Infamy, Nightmares, Trick of the Light, Bad Luck, Honeyed Tongue, Tainted Touch, Freudian Slip, Devil's Dare, and Vampiric Nature. I'd never use them, unless the concept absolutely calls for their presence.

    On a related note, I really do not want to give too much of an headstart to Spectredom to the Shadow in terms of permanent Angst, lest containing it becomes too difficult and too little meaningful room is left for use of Pact of Doom, Shadow Dice/Shadowplay, and Angst-generating Arcanoi. So I do prefer for permanent Angst to start at a minimum of 1 and an absolute maximum of half the wraith's Willpower, the lower the better. Any more Angst dots that may result from the roll, I'd sell out for extra freebies to be spent on Thorns, Dark Passions, and Dark Arcanoi, even if the rules do not explictly allow it. Of course I never buy more Angst.

    Your own opinions and preferences?