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Harrow the Mortal Flesh and Elysia

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  • Harrow the Mortal Flesh and Elysia

    I was going through the new powers in the 20th Anniversary Arcanoi, and I came across Harrow the Mortal Flesh, the level 5 Embody Initiate power. It struck me that this ability may be why the Sandmen lost Elysia, as it specifically pulls a living mortal across the Shroud into the Underworld.

    I'm not sure how I feel about the implication that a mortal's flesh and blood body in the Underworld would work like a Wraith's corpus, including the risk of being soulforged, and I miss Elysia as it's very thematic of the Sandmen to me. So I have an idea of a twist on Harrow the Mortal Flesh that still leaves Elysia a large niche to fill.

    Harrow the Mortal Flesh pulls a living mortal "into" the Shroud. They can see the Shadowlands and both physically interact with and be affected by BOTH the Skinlands and the Shadowlands (and are visible to both). They effectively exist in a bridged state that underlines the weight of living matter to the Underworld. They cannot be Soulforged, are immune to Moliate, and cannot go incorporeal.

    On the other hand, Elysia (a level 5 Phantasm Initiate power that requires knowledge of Agon - it's doing surgically and painlessly what Agon does momentarily and crudely) removes the sleeping subject's soul from their body as a temporary Wraith that can exist entirely in the Underworld for the period their body sleeps.


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    I like it.


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      Me too! The original Elysia power and the hability to create shared dreams are indeed missed in the revised Phantasm powerset!


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        Originally posted by valismedsen View Post
        Me too! The original Elysia power and the hability to create shared dreams are indeed missed in the revised Phantasm powerset!

        I'm working on adding new Initiate powers for all the Arcanoi.

        What I've chosen for Phantasm are...

        * Cognizance: guard against unwanted use of Phantasm
        ** Conclave: meet in dreams over unlimited distance with other Sandmen who also have this Art
        *** Dream Canvass: connect multiple touched subjects in a woven dream (if working in concert with other Sandmen with both Dream Canvass and Conclave, you can connect subjects all over the world!)
        **** Incubus: grossly unethical art, frowned upon in the Guild, as it ravishes a sleeping Mortal's will for Pathos (despite modern images of incubi, not inherently sexual, most often the sleeper experiences a nightmare of a dark phantom figure looming above while they experience sleep paralysis)
        ***** Elysia: do artfully what Agon does violently, and let a mortal enter the Underworld as a temporary wraith while they sleep

        And then there's a small sub-cult within the Sandmen experimenting with some very weird applications of Phantasm they don't fully understand (have not named these powers yet)

        * perceive another layer of reality over the Skinlands apart of the Shadowlands; one of unseen dream daemons, some of whom wear mortal flesh
        ** show someone else this "chimerical" vision
        *** make yourself perceived as an intangible phantom by the chimerical
        **** give yourself chimerical substance across the Shroud able to interact with the chimerical, though not the mundanely material (like you're one of the chimerical daemons, not one of their enfleshed)
        ***** in your own induced sleeping state, &/or those shared with someone else via another Phantasm Art, leave your own dream and enter a whole broader world of dreams apart from the Skinland or Shadowland. This place will wear on your fetters and try to make you one of its spirits if you dally in it though
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          Great stuff!