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  • Displace

    Unfortunately, I don't know if others have noticed, but the Displace write up in Wr20 is pretty much word-for-word copied out of Great War, including using the wrong terms (Kinesis instead of Inhabit, Swar instead of Svarga) referencing powers like "Glow" that no longer exist, and speaking of the Tvashitrya in terms of colonial Indian draftees in the British military - because it was copied straight out of Great War with no adjustment for the setting AT ALL.

    If someone was paid by the word for this, they conned Onyx Path by not actually writing their section.

    I really hope the section is completely rewritten, and in addition to updated to the Wraith 20 setting and mechanics, they also eye making the Arcanos more fun to play. RAW a Tvashtriya spends their time in a dark space unable to perceive what's going on with thei Wraith they're possessing, which makes a lot of their abilities to do things like channel or steal Pathos weird because you don't know what's going on to use it. It isn't a very fun play experience.

    Were it fully up to me, Displace would be broken up into two Arcanoi. One works like Vector in Orpheus, and lets you go full possession on another Wraith. The other lets you craft edible food, or "living" plasmics from your own Corpus (takes a lot of time to heal said rending) - but if you combine the two you can craft from your host's Corpus instead.

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    So for the purely possession Arcanoi..

    * Detect wraithly possession, and adds to any resistance roll against it
    ** you may now Corpus-ride another Wraith and see through their senses; if you do this to a Drone, you may take over, but you're effectively just wearing a disguise, you're using all your own stats
    *** Exert some influence to specific actions subconsciously through contested Willpower roll. Even if you lose you can still spend willpower to penalize actions you don't want the host taking, as well as give bonuses to ones you do
    **** Give/Steal Pathos
    ***** Take full control of the host

    The mechanics are going to be tricky, because the host's Shadow is effectively a third party in the possession. It's definitely in the possessor's interests if their directives align with the host's Shadow's.

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      Flag this in the errata thread?


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        Originally posted by adambeyoncelowe View Post
        Flag this in the errata thread?

        I have, but I'll go in again to note that Behest is in the same boat.

        (the copypasted out of Great War boat, not the "isn't any fun to play as written" boat - that's pretty specifically a Displace problem)

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