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  • First Great Maelstrom

    The Fifth Great Maelstrom was caused by a global fully industrialized war and one of the worst genocides in human history culminating in the first (and hopefully last) uses of nuclear weapons against inhabited cities.

    The Fourth Great Maelstrom was caused by a not quite AS global, but still horrifically massive and prolongued fully industrialized war combined with one of the worst epidemics in history

    The Third Great Maelstrom was caused by a continental pandemic and genocidal wars of conquest that reduced the population of two continents by 90%

    The Second Great Maelstrom was caused by a plague that ravaged Eurasia, killing at least half of Europe, on the heels of the Mongol conquest of Eurasia marked by such accomplishments as effectively depopulating Persia

    So it seems weird in comparison to these 4 events for the First Great Maelstrom to be set off by the very regional political change that wasn't even recognized as the permanent event it was at the time (Western Emperors had been deposed by invaders several times before 476 c.e. - it just so happened that a new one never came to power again) - especially when the Eastern half the Empire was still going strong and would for centuries to come.

    Right now I'm leaning toward moving it 60+ years later and having the Plague of Justinian set it off.

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    Well, if you compare the demographic and socio-economic state of Europe at the apex of the Roman Empire with the one during the Early Middle Ages, the area suffered a fairly drastic collapse and regression as a result of Rome's downfall. You may apply the onset of the First Great Maelstrom to the time of the Plague of Justinian and deem it the cumulative effect of all the damage Europe and the Mediterranean world suffered between the Third Century Crisis and the Plague. That doesn't seem too outlandish a trigger if one compares it to what unleashed the Second and Third Great Maelstroms. It might also be that as world population expands over time, increasingly greater disasters are necessary to trigger a GM. The Sixth GM was an outlier and anomaly anyway in this regard.
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