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  • Sell me Wraith The Oblivion

    Wraith never intrigued me,

    My English sucks. Sorry.

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    Got to run to work but to get started,

    Wraith is about personal horror. It's about trying to finish unfinished business/resolving your fetters from beyond the World...and if they get destroyed, well you are screwed. It's about controlling your Darker instanct (Spectre) that will take over And manifest itself eventually, hopefully only for a short time.

    The Underworld also have his own politics with various faction in more or less open state of conflict and travelling is all but safe due to the Tempest, only a few groups can nacpvigate it safely.

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      It bears emphasising, especially when it comes to Wraith, that not all games are for everyone.

      Not knowing your preferences makes it a bit difficult to focus on what might appeal, so I'm going to throw a few things out there.

      Because of Wraith's emphasis on Fetters and Passions - the things and emotions that tie a wraith to the living world - it lends itself particularly well to character-focused drama, exploring what matters to your PC and why.

      Want to do the straight-up 'spook the living' game? Sure, no problem. Grab some Shroud-crossing Arcanoi and get ready to have some fun with the fleshbags.

      Want to play the game of politics? There're the Legions of the Hierarchy (representing the Stygian state), the Renegades (representing the political dissidents), the Heretics (representing the religious dissidents), the Guilds, which each have their own particular set of interests... even the Spectres get involved.

      Want to go globe-trotting and see the Underworld? There're a multitude of Dark Kingdoms across the world, which draw on their mortal cultures.

      Feel up for an Aliens-style bug-hunt? Welcome to the wonderful world of Doomslaying, where you venture into the Labyrinth to take out Spectres.

      Want to explore the Underworld from the living side? Wraith 20 includes the Orpheus Group, a corporation making its first fumbling steps into the Dark Umbra.

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        It's the most inspiring, beautiful setting ever devised for a roleplaying game. "Epic" is a word too easily thrown around, but wraith is epic in every sense. Tolkien-level of detail to the history and the factions. There are many aspects of it your troupe can spotlight, as the previous poster pointed out; everything from gritty haunting stories focused on the world of the living, to battles for survival in the Labyrinth of the angry dead, to spy stories amid the crumbling bureaucracy of Stygia, to quests worthy of ancient tales like the Odyssey or Gilgamesh. It's honestly difficult for my to pitch a game so immediately fascinating to me to someone who has never been intrigued by it. I only ask that you ignore the voices of critics who dismiss the game by calling it "grimdark". These individuals do not see the potential of the game. Try it with some friends.


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          I've always approached Wraith as a game about second chances, the opportunity to atone for mistakes in your living days while struggling against the worst aspects of one's self. It's also the one WoD game in which PCs are part of a culture instead of a hidden subculture, for what it's worth.

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