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    First, a bit of errata: the Orpheus Shades' Arcanoi mistakenly refer to Fascination (Favored for Wisps, Prohibited for Poltergeists) instead of Intimation. As well, the Prohibited Arcanoi for the Marrows is listed as Sandman, not Phantasm.

    Second: there are seven Shades listed. Notably absent are the Orphan Grinders. Anyone want to take a crack at converting them to Wr20?

    Third, there are two Arcanoi that aren't associated with any of the seven Shades presented: Mnemosynus and Usury. I'm thinking of working up one or two new Shades that cover them. Any suggestions?

    Fourth, I'm thinking of using a variation on the Shades of Gray option: Projectors who become Wraiths keep their Shades, and Hues also have Shades; as well, there might be a way for a Wraith to acquire a Shade, though the exact mechanism may be a mystery. And I'm thinking that Wraiths with Shades (but not Hues) are like the Ghost Lament from Orpheus, in that they have Stains and Spectre-like doppelgangers instead of an integral Shadow with Thorns — a bit like the secret of the Ferrymen revealed in Ends of Empire.


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    ...aside from "too late to be submitting errata now"?


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      Yeah, aside from that. For what it's worth, I've got a decent PDF editor and have fixed the errors in my copy; but I thought I'd point it out so that others with similar resources can likewise patch things up.

      On the other topics: I'm pretty sure that the Orphan Grinders were left out because of Wr20's assumption that Wraiths don't have Orpheus-style Shades; and Orpheus' projectors can never be Orphan Grinders (because you need to become a Spectre first). With the Shades of Gray option in play, Orphan Grinders potentially become a thing again. Which is why I was curious how they'd be written up in Wr20.

      As for the Arcanoi that aren't associated with any of the existing Shades, my first thought would be to introduce two new Shades: one that favors Moliate and Usury, and one that favors Mnemosynus and either Phantasm or Intimation. I'm thinking of pairing them up in that the first one has Mnemosynus as its Prohibited Arcanos, and the second one has Usury as its Prohibited Arcanos. I still need to come up with a reasonable cluster of Natures for each.
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