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Wr20 Handbook for the Recently Deceased live on DRPG!

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  • Wr20 Handbook for the Recently Deceased live on DRPG!

    And finally, *a* Wraith20 product is available for everyone!

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    Just wanted to mention that I picked this up off drivethrurpg as something to read during current events and it came in the mail yesterday (I prefer hardcopy when I can).

    My reaction?


    This is a really great book. Aside from being beautifully lain out and illustrated, it's well organized and crammed full of useful advice and information. And even as someone who has been familiar with and played the game since 1994, it was a big help and answered some questions I'd always had/cleared up certain things. I find myself wishing all the 20A games had a booklet like this.

    Major Plus Ultra thumbs up and kudos to everyone involved.

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      I concur. This is the perfect primer for Wraith. In 20 short pages, you can get the basic gist of what’s going on. I’m having my players read this in prep for our upcoming game.


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        Great book,really great.