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    Originally posted by Prometheas View Post
    I may be dumb for only just thinking of this, but don't wraiths have the highest population of any supernatural by Far?

    I mean, even considering not every person becomes a wraith. just the simple fact everyone in recorded history who has ever lived has also died(barring supernatural shenanigans) and the shear amount of people living/dying today(current population estimated at 7.44 billion, with 151,500 people dying each day, 6,316 dying each hour, and 105 dying each minute) should all mean the underworld has a Very steady supply of wraiths. To the point I think there should be tens if not hundreds of millions at this point(even accounting for how fast they go pop).

    How is Stygia alone keeping up with what must be an unending tidal-wave of souls?
    I've read once (but don't remember where, probably in Buried Secrets) that about 5% of the deceased ends in Shadowlands. And from those 5 % only 10% become active wraiths. The rest ends in soulforges, as drones or in the Oblivion. So, based on the data you provided, the population of entire Shadowlands increases by 755 souls each day. And don't forget to subtract those who vanish from there every day. Not so many as you thought, neh ?
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