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Dark Ages: Wraith?

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  • Dark Ages: Wraith?

    Reading through the history if the Wraith setting, the Dark Ages were a very interesting time: you had a Great Maelstrom triggered by the Black Plague (one of the first Great Maelstroms, if I recall correctly), and this was the timeframe when the Fishers set sail for the Far Shores. Meanwhile, the Guilds were still an open part of Underworld society.

    Any chance of getting a Wr20 supplement covering this time period?

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    We can dream. We can always dream.

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      Yes, that was the Second Great Maelstrom. Not as bad as the First, since Stygia wasn't sacked this time around. That makes it one of the best Maelstroms to explore since you have lots of stories other than pure survival to explore.

      As a bit of historical trivia, the Black Plague was when the European image of Death as a scythe wielding skeleton first appeared.

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        My long running concept for DA: Wraith was that in the 12th century, the Hierarchy as we tend to think of it was all focused in Stygia without much presence in the Shadowlands, but for the past century or three, you've had this build up of wraiths in the Shadowlands who don't really know much about Stygia (which would technically make them all Renegades or Heretics) who largely believe they're in Purgatory and have formed their own communities based along feudal lines as castle/estate households, monasteries/churches, and cities/towns. The whole things having this very Gothic Medieval low dark fantasy vibe to it (not unlike parts of the film Army of Darkness, mixed with aspects of The Name of the Rose, Braveheart, and The Navigator, among others). Then the Black Death came along and the Great Maelstrom blew all of this away, and Stygia decided they had to start focusing on the Shadowlands more.

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          So.....anyone have a spare 12 months to write this up and drop it onto Storytellers Vault when Wraith drops there?