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Rough-and-ready conversion to play Wraith20 using CofD rules

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  • Rough-and-ready conversion to play Wraith20 using CofD rules

    Hey everyone. I adore Wraith: The Oblivion. I am in love with Wraith: The Oblivion 20th Anniversary Edition.

    One problem: I prefer CofD rules. It's as much a matter of taste as it is the fact that my tiny brain gets confused when trying to contain two closely-related systems at once. Therefore, I have attempted to convert Wraith20 to CofD (World of Darkness 2E) rules.

    This is not a completed work, but I think it's enough to get people started if they want to make their own conversions or just roll with the punches. You'll need to figure out character creation on your own, as I haven't gotten to that yet, and I may not draw up a document for that.

    Is it perfect? No way. Will it work? Probably. Will you come up with something better? I hope so!


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    Not only have I added a couple basic systems to the conversion document:

    ...but I also revised all of the Stygian Arcanoi to work with CofD Attributes and Skills:

    I even have a nearly complete character creation document that lets new players build characters for a game that uses Wr20 setting with CofD mechanics. You as ST would still need the Wr20 core for the bits that are not in my document, but at least playing Wr20/CofD is now possible!

    Let me know if you have any questions or feedback.

    Edit: Yikes. I just realized the first few Arcanoi are sloppily edited. I forgot to convert some difficulties into modifiers, or forgot to properly change how opposing the Art works. I've been revising, but it'll take me until tomorrow to really comb through it all.
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